Green light on Dresden Pilot

This news article from Variety says most of what needs to be said!
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Jim adds:
NOW it’s official. πŸ™‚
The script is based on the novel for Storm Front, but it ain’t like it’s going to be letter-for-letter or anything. Some elements are going to be discarded for the sake of story-length, others emphasized. There might be special effects! Don’t expect the movie mirror the book precisely, although the writers have read the entire series and they’re using elements from several different books, though not necessarily in the same way–think, I dunno, maybe X-Men comics versus X-Men movies versus X-Men cartoon series. Similar use of the story’s characters and elements, but not necessarily positioned or utilized in the same way.
(Which is itself just the modern version of comedia del arte, but that’s neither here nor there.)
I’ve seen the scenes they’re using to audition for Dresden, which was interesting as hell. I hope to get a look at the full script before too terribly much longer. They’re doing casting now (and I’ll share information about it as it becomes share-able) and filming is scheduled for November 19.

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  1. All I can say is yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhooooooooo. Sorry got excited. Oh what the hell yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhoooooooooo.
    I cant wait. Looks like Christmas will come early next year.

  2. Uh Oh! They’re turing one of your stories into a movie before you’re dead. Better watch your back!
    Seriously though, can’t wait. I have faith the quality of your style will manage to survive the butchering (get it BUTCHERing…hehehe) of the script-writers and shine through in the movie.

  3. Congrats, Jim! Im excited as hell about this, and im sure everyone else is, too. Here’s hoping they do it justice!
    …And when’s that next book of yours coming out? πŸ˜‰

  4. Congrats Jim, the series is Well worth a Movie deal,, not sure about a Movie butchering part but a movie deal none the less,. I just hope they don’t take out any of the elements that make the series worth while, like the comedy of some of the scenes.

  5. Just started to read your books. I’m a James Marsters fan and read about them through his website. Nothing would be greater than to have him also bring your character to life in the movie and possible new tv series. He’s a well rounded actor that can do justice to Harry Dresden.Congrats. on your success.

  6. How exciting! Congrats, Jim! I’ll be e-mailing SciFi and I telling them how much I love it (because OF COURSE it will be good). We should start a letter-writing campaign after the pilot so we can see more and more Harry! (Or is it Erik…?)

  7. Congrats!
    I’ve enjoyed the entire series and can’t wait to see the movie!

  8. All I have to say is that if I were to ever get a shot at making this, shows like Nip/Tuck and X-Files would look like Barney. I would surely love to create this course I have only one idea I would express for you guys. Just to give you an example, I would make each book a season, instead of a two hour movie. Begin each episode with a creepy introduction like found off of Stephin King’s Kingdom Hospital. Of course that is the tip of the icberg of what I would do, course I wouldn’t do anything without the authors full consent.

  9. Thats awesome to hear. I am a recent fan of the series. I have been pulled in by the great sense of humor and one liners. The movie will be great if the script doesn’t go too far from the book. Also, where is the movie going to be filmed at? If you decide to film in Chicago instead of a stage room in LA then will there be open auditions for extras?

  10. great news! congrats to you *crosses fingers* i hope you find the right harry for the role

  11. James Marsters, much as I love his work, seems too pretty boy for Harry in my mind. (likely wouldn’t stop them from casting him) He would be a great White Court half-brother though. πŸ™‚

  12. Dear all,
    you can’t imagin how much I enjoy that news about the pilot. I was waiting sooo many years for that. I read every single bit of the story and I am still hungry for more. Did you see the last cover? Oh, my good, that was great!
    But how else then James Marsters could do the job just like him? And his ist NOT to pretty! He can do that the way it has to be done.
    Anyway, congratulations for every part of the projekt, including the idea of creating a rolplaying game.
    Thanks for everything! (Sorry, in case my englich is worth then you expected. I am german and untraind)

  13. Ok Jim, so how do your Chicago area fans get INTO the cast (even a walk-by) of your movie!!!
    Goddess knows I’ve bought all of your books several times to pass them on as gifts…

  14. Nice to see the rest of the world is finally catching up to what the rest of us already knew. (And have been patiently waiting for them to pull their collective heads out!) I’ve been telling people about these books ever since I picked up “Storm Front.” Congrats, Jim.

  15. Congrats Jim!!! This is teriffic and well-deserved. I have read the series several times times and have bought it as a gift for several friends. Now I get to tell them that it is going to be must-see tv. I rarely watch tv, but for this I will make an exception. I hope they don’t bugger it up. Cheers!

  16. Oh, that it good news. Toronto has doubled for Chicago before (e.g. Due South), but it will be, er, interesting to see what has been lost from the books to make the final script. Much as I like James Marsters as an actor, I agree with Grog that he would make a better Thomas than Harry.

  17. Excellent news! I love the series and can’t wait to see what happens. James M for me would be the ultimate Harryso I hope he auditions. Well done Jim!!!

  18. I recommend Thomas Ian Griffith, right everything – age, height, looks, etc. Hope he reads for it.

  19. Congratulations! That`s great news. I love to read your “Harry Dresden” books and I can`t wait to see the film. Hope they`ll do a good job. I`m German and my English is not perfect, but your books are written so well and in such an easy way that even I can understand them without any difficulties.
    I hope James Marsters will get the role of Harry. He is an excellent actor and I`m sure he would be as brilliant at playing Harry as he was at reading the books.

  20. i said it already, just a while ago i wrote it all out and everything, and nowe i’m going to do it again it seems. it’s just, i’m sort of new to this, to the books and harry and bob and everything…and jim…and jim….but my point is there’s just such this big following for james marsters and i’m like: WHY??? why not give harry dresden the respect he desrves and let him be a fresh new face for us to warm up to and relish in, not one from a whedonesque past. Buffy started fresh and let us into the hearts of unfamiliar faces that became suddenly familiar. why not let the dresden files do the same thing? i want to meet someone NEW and FRESH, someone that hits the WIT of harry, someone that just lets him BE the MAN that he is, not someone who just wants the wizard. i think we owe that to the books….and to dresden. let’s find a new face….

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