Green light on Dresden Pilot

This news article from Variety says most of what needs to be said!
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Jim adds:
NOW it’s official. πŸ™‚
The script is based on the novel for Storm Front, but it ain’t like it’s going to be letter-for-letter or anything. Some elements are going to be discarded for the sake of story-length, others emphasized. There might be special effects! Don’t expect the movie mirror the book precisely, although the writers have read the entire series and they’re using elements from several different books, though not necessarily in the same way–think, I dunno, maybe X-Men comics versus X-Men movies versus X-Men cartoon series. Similar use of the story’s characters and elements, but not necessarily positioned or utilized in the same way.
(Which is itself just the modern version of comedia del arte, but that’s neither here nor there.)
I’ve seen the scenes they’re using to audition for Dresden, which was interesting as hell. I hope to get a look at the full script before too terribly much longer. They’re doing casting now (and I’ll share information about it as it becomes share-able) and filming is scheduled for November 19.

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  1. Why NOT James Marsters as Harry Dresden? I got into Harry because of James (I heard a sample of him reading a bit of “Storm Front”, and just loved it!) I stayed because they books are great!
    James doesn’t look like Spike – that’s to say, he doesn’t have the platinum blonde hair. He’s a normal, brown-haired, extremely talented actor. Let’s give him a chance, because to me Harry has his voice.
    Can’t wait for the movie, Jim – and I enjoyed my “Jim sandwich” picture at Whedonverse & Beyond con (thanks for remembering that!)

  2. I am new to the Harry Dresden series after a freind told me about them. I didn’t have any money to buy the books so I went to a place that has appeared to replace its books with computers, the Library. Luckily on the bottom floor they had paper reading material. I checked one out per week. Unfortantly, they did not have the whole set, so I scrounged one off my freind and I am saving up for Deadbeat. I am currently reading Blood Rites and almost done with it and glad I stuck with them because the fist two books were to say the least most interestingly enough written. But like Harry himself, the books grow on you if you give it a chance.
    I have taken my time with them and really tried to get into the world of Harry Dresden.
    When I read the books I think of a guy a worn out and tired, a guy with some issues and a guy with some charm(even after staying up for 48hours), who happens to be a good wise ass. I am not sure who they pick for the part, but I feel that physical demension is not all that cracked up to be. But, the personality of Harry Dresden is the true embodiment of the books.
    I always try and think to myself that Wolverine is suppose to be 5’3 but is 6’0 in the movies, and Hugh Jackman appeared to capture the nature of the beast.
    And who can complain about Micheal Keatons Performanc in Batman. And those dimmension were all messed up too, but he did a good job of it.
    I do think dimmensions are important, but if you get caught up in them, you might pass up on personality. And I beleive the personality of Harry Dresden is what truly entices readers, not his size.
    Long live the Pizza King

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I am SO glad that they have finally pulled it together and are going to do the Dresden pilot!!! I can hardly wait to see the finished product, and will make certain to let folks know about this. πŸ˜€ Whoever they get to play Harry, I hope he does the character justice. I’m partial to James Marsters, as he’s got that VOICE and he has the perfect demeanor for Harry, but I’ll be happy so long as the actor chosen does right by Harry. πŸ™‚

  4. JAMES SHOULD BE DRESDEN hey everyone already knows him from the audio books.. hell yeah get him goin its cool.. go to and talk to sci fi network he so works well with mr butcher

  5. here’s a thought, how about nathan fillion? obviously the casting directors aren’t reading this site, but he’s got my vote as dresden. he’s got the perfect dry, sarcastic tone for the character that would fit sooo much better than mr marsters. No offence to the guy but there are better actors out there for the part. Any way it goes though, i’m excited that the series will get a chance in a second medium. Huzzah!!

  6. A previous poster mentioned Nate Fillion as a possible lead, and that struck me as a very good idea.
    He’s already got the long coat, too.

  7. That’s awesome!
    I’ve been a Dresden Files fan for the last two years since my friend started lending me her books. I bought Dead Beat, myself, and it was amazing. I’m a chronic fan girl, and Harry Dresden definitely has my devotion for the time being. I can’t wait to see the pilot. I hope Sci-fi doesn’t screw it up. (Moment of silence for The Invisible Man)
    As much as I love Marsters, I don’t think he should play Harry (Erik) Dresden. Audio books or not, I don’t think he has the presence required to carry a show on his own. He’s brilliant, and beautiful, but a total side kick. Sorry.
    Jim, hurry up and post the cover art for Proven Guilty, jeez! Er…I mean, -please-.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Its great that they’re bringing Harry to the big screen.Jim butcher is a very talented writer.
    And for those who don’t think that James Marsters should be Harry, i disagree, he’d make the part his own just as he does with all the characters he plays, he’d make a great Harry.

  9. I can hardly wait! I love the dresden books they rock! James Marsters should be Harry…He’s perfect for the role he’s a great actor and would totally make Harry his own. Marsters Should be Dresden!

  10. YAY! I can’t wait!
    As for James Marsters being Harry. I’d like him to be Harry, but, if he can’t, then I’d still watch the movie! πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats Jim!!!
    I had not dropped by here for a while but a friend ran across an article about the movie for Sci-Fi. I really hope they do them credit.
    …and alway remember when going on a quest, bring your elephant gun… πŸ˜‰

  12. The only reason I started listening to the Dresden series and the only reason that I even know about the series is that I heard that James Marsters was performing the audio book versions. So, for me, James Marsters is Harry. He is a splendid actor and I can think of no one better to play Harry. He would be perfect (just perfect).
    I haven’t read the entire series, because I am still waiting for the rest of the series to be release on audio (read by JM, of course). I do wish they would hurry.
    With that said, I have become hooked on the Dresden series and have purchased all of the paper books in addition to the available audio books. I would be very happy to see a video incarnation of one of my favorite characters even if … Harry is played by someone else.

  13. Congrats to you Jim. Hopefully they won’t alter things too much. I think James Marsters would be the ideal actor to play Harry. I strongly disagree that he is only supporting actor material. He obviously knows the character unlike some of the other suggestions. With that said I will be watching for the airing with great anticipation.

  14. If it wasn’t for James Marsters Site I would have never heard of these books. I’m now hunting for the Audio book. If you can get James Marsters to play Harry in any film adaptation you will bring the following of the ole Buffy/Angel fan base. We are all waiting for his return to something that puts him back in the forefront.
    I so can’t wait to hear him read these books off for my search!

  15. For those of us who have all of jim’s books and james marsters interpentation of harry NO ONE ELSE Works as Harry(ERIC)Dresen I hooked family members onto The Dresden Files courtesy of James ‘s reading and Jim’s Writing I am so thrilled that sci fi is finally making the first of the series

  16. I’m scared… I love these books with a passion and will beat anyone with a 4×4 plank of wood who trashes them, but I’m horribly worried. Remember the Interview With A Vampire movie? Then remember its follow up, Queen of the Damned? Now, if you’ve read the books, you’d know that although Interview With a Vampire was good because Anne Rice (Writer/Creator/Insane Woman) wrote the screen play. Right? Now remember the painful, eye scorching pain the Next movie was? How they mashed the second and third book into one movie without Anne Rice’s help? For the love of the Gods, people, Lastat is BLOND, and French! Not brunet and English! *sobs*
    A-and his master! In the book he jumped in a bloody ball of flames! Poof! Dead Vamp Dust, all over the castle floor. Very messy… Yet, He did not dance around in a big frilly red cape strokin’ Lastat’s ego on a Bulletin-Board… Damn, that was off subject.
    Anyway, I just pray (PRAY!!!) They don’t tarnish the great story of Harry Dresen. So, Gratz Jim. You have inspired me to write my own stories, and you are now having a movie made of your books before you’ve kicked the proverbial bucket. But please, please! I will beg you and kiss your feet if you assure the fans and myself that this movie will do your work justice! Hell, I’ll even mail ya cookies.
    ~Dinc (The Wee Little Red One)

  17. Great news! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I think James Marsters could play Harry – he’s a good enough actor to carry a show himself if you ask me – as indeed could Nathan Fillion. As it happens, I was watching the latter last night in Serenity (before I knew about the possibility of a Harry Dresden show/movie) and I was thinking he would make a good Harry.

  18. Has anyone considered that Nathan would make a great Dresden, James would make an excellent Thomas? He’s already got the vampire experience, and Nathan has the sarcasm needed for Harry’s character. Either way, no matter who plays who, this movie is a must see for me- just like Serenity.

  19. Yay, I can’t wait! Congratulations, Jim!! I’m so excited! It’s about time someone realized what an incredible series Dresden will make. I also hope they realize that the stories are so good because of your creative genius and don’t deviate too far from the books.
    By the way, I think James Marsters is such a great actor and has such a presence on screen that he’d do justice to either Harry or Thomas and I hope that he’s cast in the show!!
    Well, congrats again!! Can’t wait for book 8!

    This is absolutely awesome news. Dude. I knew you when … πŸ˜‰
    — Rachel Caine

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