Green light on Dresden Pilot

This news article from Variety says most of what needs to be said!
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Jim adds:
NOW it’s official. 🙂
The script is based on the novel for Storm Front, but it ain’t like it’s going to be letter-for-letter or anything. Some elements are going to be discarded for the sake of story-length, others emphasized. There might be special effects! Don’t expect the movie mirror the book precisely, although the writers have read the entire series and they’re using elements from several different books, though not necessarily in the same way–think, I dunno, maybe X-Men comics versus X-Men movies versus X-Men cartoon series. Similar use of the story’s characters and elements, but not necessarily positioned or utilized in the same way.
(Which is itself just the modern version of comedia del arte, but that’s neither here nor there.)
I’ve seen the scenes they’re using to audition for Dresden, which was interesting as hell. I hope to get a look at the full script before too terribly much longer. They’re doing casting now (and I’ll share information about it as it becomes share-able) and filming is scheduled for November 19.

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  1. Congrats on the movie!
    i found out about the Dresden Files through going to a con to meet James Marsters. i had enough money with me to buy Storm Front, just ’cause JM was reading it. it hooked me onto the books. SO… i HIGHLY recommend JM for Harry. he’s who i see in my head while reading, and it would totally make my year if we got to see him as Harry onscreen!
    also, it would bring a huge fanbase to the movie… all the Buffy/Angel fans would jump at the chance to see JM on the big screen…

  2. I loved your books even before I knew that James Marsters was the voice for the Audio books but I fell in love with your books more when I listened to the audios. I honestly think James Marsters should play Harry Dresden I can’t see anyone else playing the role as Harry. I hope things work out and James gets the role. But even if james doesn’t get the role I will be watching the movie anyway. Congrats Jim

  3. I adore your books. I am so glad someone got the brains and realized that your incredible work would make a great movie. I hope the movie does your work justice. I think James Marsters should play Harry Dresden. I think the studio that is producing this film should take in consideration James Marsters for the role. He’s an Amazing actor, he has the Charisma and screen presence. He is already connected to Harry Dresden and also he will bring the Buffy and Angel fan base with him to this role if he should get it. I couldn’t see anyone else playing this role but James. But if luck isn’t on Jame’s side I will still watch the movie. Congrats Mr. Butcher

  4. Congrats on your Work being turned into a movie. I must agree with a lot of the comments James Marsters should play Harry Dresden. I can’t see anyone else as Harry but James.

  5. Don’t know any of those actors. don’t watch much TV. Stopped watching Buffy after the librarian guy was killed. Am very worried Jim is not writing Dresden books fast enough. haven’t been able to settle down into the other series. must be ADD thing. – k Congrats on movie deal !!

  6. jim,
    congrats on the movie deal. can’t wait to see how it turns out.
    i’d like to say one thing, though, and i hope you won’t all get up and throw stones at me ;o) as much as i adore james marsters and his interpretation of harry (and let’s face it, without him i probably wouldn’t know the books), i do not think that he should play harry in the movie. for one thing, he’s a little too old (although he doesn’t look it ;oP) and what’s even more important, everyone associates james with what he’s done in his career so far (i.e. mainly spike). i think it would be better to cast someone who is not so popular yet. after all, there are many talented young actors waiting in the wings ;o)
    on the other hand, it would be a pity not to have james involved in the project at all, so if there is the chance to cast him, do it. just give him another roll to play, say, for example, bob. we all know that he can do a great bob voice, so, why not ;o) anyway, i’m just making suggestions :oP
    i love james, but i also love harry and that’s why i’d like to see someone new. and now you can throw your stones *ducks* ;o)
    good luck with everything, jim. you simply are the best and i love your work. keep on writing.

  7. I am so thrilled to hear they have picked up The Dresden Files for a movie, it’s about time. I have to say this is the 3rd author that I read that has been picked up for a movie…

  8. Congrats Jim!!!!! Looking forward to it. And for those in the “REALLY hope James Marsters get to play Harry” camp…I heard him interviewed recently and he said that he was to start filming a project he was very excited (but couldn’t talk)about in mid November. Ahem!

  9. According to Robert Hewitt Wolffe, James Marsters already passed on the role because he didn’t want to move to Toronto for five years.
    They have cast someone else. It has not yet been announced.
    Just thought i’d let you all know.

  10. I’ve been reading that there thinking about casting James Marsters as Harry. I dont see it.
    he was great as Spike, but he doesnt have the
    innocense that is somewhat part of Harry’s charm.
    I tend to agree with the person who likes him for
    the voice of Bob. Also James is a little too short.
    Isnt Harry over 6 foot? How about Kerr Smith>
    Age is about right. And he has lots of charm.

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