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15 thoughts on “New Poll: What’s your favorite?”

  1. This is so hard to do. I love all the early books in the series, especially “Storm front”, “Grave peril” and “Summer knight” I think that this is because of Harry’s relationships with Bob, Michael etc. I love his decency, humanity, determination and humour. There is a pathos too. I love the series but “Grave peril” is my current favourite. I guess because l’m re reading it at the moment. Where do you get all the ideas and how much research do you have to do about environments, magical theory and characterisation?
    Best wishes. Karen B

  2. I would have to say my favorite is Grave Peril too!! That was the book that really got me into the Dresden Files. Great book, I’ve read it numerous times!

  3. My favourite book is Dead Beat. I just think the Dresden Files books are getting better and better… and I loved Storm Front 🙂 Good work, Jim. Not a bad book in them.

  4. I love all of the Harry Dresden books, but I had to vote for “Blood Rites.” It was so good. I liked all of the others too. “Storm Front” lead the way for me to read and enjoy all that came after. Jim is a remarkable writer. “Dead Beat” would come in second. Humor and terror and mystery all rolled together in perfect harmony.

  5. I voted Dead Beat, only because he gets better and better with each book he writes. More humor, more snarkiness…just more of everything that I love about everyone. Keep up the good work Jim and can’t wait until the next one. Couldn’t put Dead Beat down.

  6. It’s a tough choice. I’d probably have to go with Fool Moon, simply because it was the introduction of the werewolves into Harry’s world and I’m partial to them. But Dead Beat was also quite high on the list. Hooray for Butters!

  7. i think it was grave peril because it talked about all different type of demons/monsters ect. (loved when the dragon came in inferno i think) plus it had the most action i think plus i didn’t really like susan and she left after that book for a while but that hurt harry a lot so i feel kind of bad for saying that then i think bead beat because you got to see bobs real power and butters lol polka will live !!! lol i think that was my fav. part then summer night because of TOOT-TOOT he’s so CUTE PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA lol

  8. I find the Furies of Calderon and Academ’s Fury tow fantastic books, they are really great, and the story is really unpredictable, there are a lot of differents elements introduced in each book and there isn’t just a confrontation between good and evil, as especially delined in the Academ’s Fury. Well, here I am already waiting for the third installment, and I know it will be a really long wait!!

  9. i ramble ona a bit
    i’m just started Academ’s Fury, so i can’t commment on the Codex Alara series..but so far i’m lovin’ it
    for the Dresden Files, I loved Storm Front, great intro to the characters, and tightly written.
    Summer Knight had an awsome ending (the Army of the Pizza, how kick-ass was that)
    but i think my favorite would have to be Deadbeat for some many reasons, cool things happen, (the t-rex for one!!) and the way it goes it leaves so much open, i can’t wait for the next 15 Dresden books.
    all this said, Jim’s a great author, so while we all have our favorite’s all the books are great!!!

  10. I would have to say that my favorite book of the Dresden Files would have to be Death Masks.All this talk about fallen angels,I’d love to see Jim introduce a new character that woud just happen to be some kind of ass-kicking Angel.I patiently await the next book to come out in the Dresden Files.Hopefully there will be more Angels and fallen angels!!

  11. Uhmmm, this question is like asking a chocolate fanatic which is their favorite chocolate!! LOL The answer, ALL OF THEM!!
    Seriously, I haven’t gotten to the Furies series yet (they are next on my reading list, lol), but I’ve been hooked on Harry Dresden since the first one, Storm Front. & unlike so many other series, each one is better and better, expanding on character and storyline, without becoming stale or getting so far away from the original as becoming unrecognizable. That is truly and amazing feat! All I can say is that Jim Butcher is an amazing writer and I can’t wait until “Proven Guilty” comes out in 2006!

  12. Summer Knight has been my favorite thus far. I like the textures and colors it brings in. Alot of Harry’s world seems gray to me or in washed out colors. This one is much more vibrant in it’s feel.

  13. I love the dresden books, but furies of calderon is destined to be a classis.there’ something in the idea of a young man with no endowments beyond his own intelligence, initiative and bravery succeeding in life that appeals to me

  14. forgot to add, read academ’s fury over the weekend – it’s a worthy follow up.i love the marat – any chance of a volume dealing with their society, mythology and way of life in greater detail?

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