4 thoughts on “RPG Art – New Post”

  1. Okay, now comes everyone’s favorite artwork game “Name the scenes\characters!”

  2. The artist has a vivid picture of each character in the book. He drew each character as if he plucked them out of Jim’s mind, or mine for that matter. I would love to see him draw a complete graphic novel of each book. what do you think the chances are of a graphic novel being done?

  3. I think that a Graphic Novel of the Dresden Files would be very kywl! All the Characters and the sceens that they are in would be better depited this way.
    Of course, Mr. Butcher would have final say on the exact content,as there is usually less space in a Graphic Novel then there is in a Book Novel, but otherwise the Artist should have free reign.

  4. It’s been my wallpaper for days now. One question, though: Where’s Thomas??

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