Warning about review in Publisher’s Weekly

The latest issue of Publisher’s Weekly has a review of the latest Dresden Files book, Dead Beat. This is in many ways fantastic news, since they haven’t reviewed anything in the series since Grave Peril.
However, fans of the series should do their level best not to seek out this review and read it! The review spoilers at least half a dozen plot points, one of which is a major revelation from later in the story. Caveat reader!

22 thoughts on “Warning about review in Publisher’s Weekly”

  1. $23 for a hardback!!! Damn you guys are lucky – Try living in Australia. $49.95 is starting price out here thank you very much – and considering I *LIKE* my books in hard back – reading can be one expensive excercise…. damn painful too. Do you know how big a dent a harback can make to the bridge of your nose if you fall asleep reading it in front of you!!!!!

  2. Just finished DEAD BEAT and I think it’s one of the better books in the series. Harry is maturing and developing into an extrordinary character. I loved the added texturing of the story world Jim has created. The author’s insight into humanity’s blindness makes his world closer to us than we might be confortable with.
    I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series.

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