Books by Jim’s Friends: C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

Hunter’s Moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp

Even an assassin can be surprised… Tony Giodone grew up in a world of predators and prey. He was one of the mafia’s top enforcers and is now a respected freelancer. He thought nothing could shock him more than a real-life werewolf ripping out his throat and leaving him for dead. Until he became one of them. Now, a new client has asked him to undertake an unusual assignment; one that makes even him sit up and take notice. The client wants him to kill her! Can Tony avoid falling in love with the woman he is scheduled to murder, or will his feelings for the one woman that can accept the beast he’s become make him more likely to end her life?

LAURELL K. HAMILTON – “I read the book in one sitting. A world this enjoyable deserves more than one visit. This book has some new twists in the werewolf’s tail that were very cool!”

AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION – “This unusual, artfully constructed and enticing blend of horror and romance will have wide appeal with its male point of view, intensely sexy story and caperlike action.”

ROUNDTABLE REVIEWS – “Reading each page I could see in my mind the story unfolding and it was like watching a really good movie – all I needed was soda and popcorn.”

BLETHER – “Hunter’s Moon has a little bit of something for everyone. There’s romance. There’s comedy. There’s action, and there’s intrigue. By far, however, the best part of this book is the characters themselves…they’re highly original, hilarious, entertaining and add extra flare to the story.”

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4 thoughts on “Books by Jim’s Friends: C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp”

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  2. This book “Hunter’s Moon” is kick ass fantasy. How come it got plugged into the Romance section.

  3. this book rocks! although i am somewhat annoyed by the female lead. i don’t know why it’s in the romance section, not much sex in it. plot is good enough without it.

  4. I recently just read this book. I can definently see all the elements for labling it under romance.
    A good story and good introduction for a first novel.

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