36 thoughts on “More TV Sightings”

  1. Just saw the Dresden Files commercial during the premier of Eureka on Sci-Fi! Looks Great!

  2. They showed the Dresden commercial…I’m so happy. It said “Coming Soon” at the end xP

  3. I think Movies would have done the books more justice. You know, a movie for each book. Do you think they’ll stick to the same story or just some how create another one? It kind of worries me that things will fall and not give enough credit.

  4. does anyone know when the series is ACTUALLY airing? I’ve seen a few things that say this summer, but then i saw something that said it airs for two hours in january! Which is it! I hope it’s this summer, i am DYING to see it. That’s not how i imagined Harry looking though. I think he needs to be taller.

  5. just thought i’d add this for my confusion. and on Sci-Fi the preview says coming soon. im my opinion, january is NOT soon:
    The Dresden Files will premiere on SCI FI in the summer of 2006. <—thats what it says! im very confused

  6. AND LISTEN TO THIS INJUSTICE!!!!! Harry’s name will be changed to Erik, as the producers don’t want people confusing it with Harry Potter! READ THIS:
    Though there will be a slight change (A major change if you ask me!), Mr Dresden will no longer be called Harry, he’ll be called Erik. Doesn’t quite slip off the tongue as nicely as “Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden”, but I guess those who haven’t read the books won’t notice anyway. I’ve heard they’ll change the name for the film because they don’t want people thinking “Harry Potter”, even though the only connection I can see (other than the name) is the fact that they’re both wizards.
    WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!! Anyone else angry at this, please post!

  7. Wrong. The ‘Erik’ change was rescinded; on the most recent TV spot, they’re clearly calling him Harry.

  8. Oh. Well thanks for correcting me. I haven’t seen anything about that, but it’s nice to know they are going to stick to the story more.

  9. WOW cant believe that there’l be a tv series!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wiat till the next book comes out (*@*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw. why do people care what colour murphys hail
    is? :~(

  10. I don’t really mind what color the actress’ hair is. To me, it’s all about how a person portrays a character, not about appearance. Afterall if Stargate SG-1 can change a character’s appearance and hair color all in one season and make it work, why can’t they introduce Murphy as a brunette?
    Anyway, I still can’t wait for January. My only hope is that the director and producers don’t deter too much from how Jim had created the world of Harry Dresden.

  11. Heh heh,heh…i’ve been waiting to see this come out.. i have all the books thus far, and i’m giddy as hell to see the TV show.

  12. Oh I soooooo can’t wait for this to come out!!! Harry’s a little different than I expected but who I really can’t wait to see is Thomas and Bob! I love Bob!!

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