Spins a Web, Any Size…

Jim’s Spider-Man novel, called Darkest Hours, is available for pre-order. We’ve even heard that some people have gotten early copies of them, and the buzz is good.
The Amazon Page contains an excerpt of the first chapter! If you can’t see it, click their “Read More” link, and scroll down a bit.

10 thoughts on “Spins a Web, Any Size…”

  1. I’ve never read a Spidey book in my life (watching the cartoon, though, and own both movies) but, after reading that sample chapter, I’m gonna have to get this one when it gets out on shelves. 🙂

  2. Would it be snarky of me to point out that Spidey did take on the X-Men once (waaay back in the day)? I think the thrashing was pretty even, though…

  3. Are you kidding me? I bought the book just because it was buy my favorite author, and am already halfway through it! Anything Mr. Butcher does, I will be sure to follow!

  4. Great read. Bought it day it came out and did not put it down till I finished the whole thing. But then is 2am really that late ??

  5. Wow.
    Ever since I was a child there was always something about Spider-Man that resonated with me. He was colorful and funny, had awesome powers, and almost always got the bad guy. As I aged there were different aspects of the character that I was drawn too: his sense of responsibility, the need to protect those around him, his desire to make the world a better place. He was and always will be one of my favorite heroes; even in a sense a role model, as much as one could be found from a two dimensional creation.
    Jim took this character that has always been so important to me and really gave him a life and light I haven’t seen any writer do in a long time. I’m already a fan of the Dresden series, and the Codex Alera series is currently my favorite group of fantasy novels. This book, however, has made me a Butcher fan.
    I don’t know if you’ll read this Jim, but I honestly hope you write more Spider-Man. Your ideas were interesting and well-planned. You’ve taken characters I’ve already found intriguing (Doc Strange) and given them a new direction (which some comic writers should take note of!!). This book just goes to show that your writing skill can encompass a variety of characters, both yours and others, and bring both growth and originality to their growing mythos. Ever thought of writing comics? They’ve got enough novelists doing it these days…
    Keep up the awesome work. I look forward to reading more.

  6. Bought and read, already passing it around to make sure others catch Butcher-itis. 🙂

  7. I am a big comics fan from way back and love what they’ve done with Peter lately in taking him into unexplored territory in the Avengers and Civil War. I am a HUGE Harry Dresden fan as well. (Sorry that I couldn’t get into Codex, though I bought the books and tried really hard).
    You really nailed the character of Peter dead on as far as I’m concerned as well as MJ, and Felicia. I appreciated the different take on the Rhino, it was absolutely true to the Marvel Universe. Kind of curious why you wrote Aunt May out of the equation, though.

  8. jim butcher….mega-badass…
    i saw a website about a dresden files role playing game…any one have anymore information?

  9. Definetly does whatever a spider can! Well done Jim! I’m a big Spidey fan…I think you just made me love the character even more! I agree with Anthony who posted above…would love to see you write some more Spider-Man…would be absolutely thrilled to see you write a story arc or mini-series for Marvel!

  10. I’ve never been in to Spider-Man at all. However, I tried this particular one because it’s by my favorite author. I think the first person take on it really made the character real for me, and I was able to really enjoy a character and storyline that I was not at all familiar with. It’s a great read for Spider-Man fans and Butcher fans alike.

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