Proven Guilty Cover Art

Proven Guilty is out in May 2006, but we’ve got the cover art 5 months ahead of its release date. Check it out!

(click on the image to get a larger version!)

46 thoughts on “Proven Guilty Cover Art”

  1. It’s really dark, but I like it. The hat is beginning to remind me of Van Helsing a little bit. : ) I can’t wait for May!

  2. Nate …
    If I recall the explanation correctly that Jim offered way back when, it started as a function of the cover format. Storm Front was originally titled Semiautomagic. During the editing process, it changed to Storm Front.
    The cover format Roc set up at the time had the title letters boxed, forcing Jim to keep to two words and the same number of letters.
    I guess he could have changed with Blood Rites, which was the first cover that broke the original mold. As to why they haven’t, that’s probably a question Jim should answer. Perhaps expectations?

  3. Hey Steve…
    Thank you for responding to my comment but i have to say i am a little disappointed that the explanation was such a simple one. I was hoping that there was some sort of cryptic message for readers to figure out but oh well. Maybe Jim will announce something concerning this in the future… Thanks again though for getting back to me about this matter.

  4. I like it, but I wonder if casual readers who are browsing the bookstores will think they’ve already read it, since the cover is so similar. I’m not good with the titles, so would think I already owned this one if I wasn’t watching for a new hardcover.

  5. in case any one would like the characters for this rod here they are: マトリシクス
    and i also got matorishikusu and nothing comes out no matter how you split the word apart. unless it just means “demon repellent” lol 🙂

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