Proven Guilty featured in Entertainment Weekly

From page 140 of the Entertainment Weekly summer movie double issue:

Jim Butcher Supernatural creatures disguised as horror-movie monsters attack a splatter-flick convention in Chicago, so the White Council of wizards enlists the help of disgraced spell caster Harry Dresden. … B+

There’s more there, but there’s what might be a mild spoiler in the part we’re leaving out. Buy the book, then read the rest!

7 thoughts on “Proven Guilty featured in Entertainment Weekly”

  1. Only a B+?!?!? What were they smoking? Maybe Bob should straighten them out…

  2. Awsome book. Definatly A+ material. I couldnt put it down, I read it stright through in six hours. Cant wait for the next book in the series.

  3. Totally agree they dropped the ball on this one. With the exception of one anticlimactic confrontation (personal preference there) the book as a whole was an outstanding read. I don’t think these people would know a fun, believable, human charecter if it sat on their face, wiggled and talked to a centuries old skull containing an air spirit in it.

  4. um… so the white council enlists Harry to fight the bad guy and he is disgraced? Did they actually read the book? or any of the others? Seems to me they read a little bit of it…
    they need real critics in their forces for books…

  5. Been waiting with bated breath for this one for ages and it did not disappoint. I absolutely loved it and they are just getting better and better. So happy to see lots of Thomas. But poor Harry really needs to get some action soon, even Michael isn’t celibate!

  6. I actually felt that in the Dead Beat that the ball was really dropped with Thomas.
    This book really showed what I think Thomas would/should be like. In Dead Beat he just kind of hung around and while Harry was off saving the world he was no where to be found.
    In Proven Guilty we find out that Thomas was with the Wild Hunt that night, and also in this book he shows up to help out at a critical moment. So kudo’s for Harry’s brother.
    Anyway loved the book and think that it was one of the best yet.
    The Deposed King

  7. thought it was a great book, i love the humor more than anything in his books. i’v read terry goodkind (used to be my favorite author) and Robert Jordan, but when they hit 7 or 8 books they dropped the ball in my opinion, but MR. Butcher seems to be on a roll and i hope he never quits.

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