Butcher Block Podcast – Episode Eleven

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(26min 21sec) Fred and Priscilla talk news, and the listeners phone in their Alera Love.

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The Music
2006 Pl@stic Soul
News Items with Priscellie
– September 4th, Release of Many Bloody Returns, “It’s My Birthday
Too.” Book signings all across the country. Jim was in Kansas City
at B&N. Early September book signings for Many Bloody Returns
– Cover art for Supernatural Honeymoon! Edited by P.N. Elrod, out
December 26th. My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon Cover Art
Subterranean Press
Real Life Comics Dresden Files Sighting
Codex Alera on Unshelved
The Drumstick Campaign
New Home 4 Dresden Petition
PhauxCon in Philly, October 5-7
Shannon Butcher
The Dresden Files RPG Playtest Application
Alera Love
Read about the Codex Alera
– We hear from Fred, Priscilla, Jackie in Austin, Meg, Charles from Texas, Gloria, and “The Man in the Shadows”… spooky.
Quick Addendums
Strange Brew on P.N. Elrod’s Livejournal
Captain’s Fury cover art preview
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