Feb 262007

Dog Eared Half Price Books is doing a “virtual signing” for White Night for folks who don’t live places that Jim’s signing tour is going to. You can find their website, and purchase Dresden Files books for Jim to sign, at http://www.dogearedhalf-pricebooks.com/virtualsigning.htm

 Posted by on 2007/02/26 at 5:59 pm

  5 Responses to “Dog Eared is doing a virtual signing again”

  1. $18 shipping from dogeared for a $24 book? Guess I’ll be looking at Ebay.

  2. Overseas shipping is less than optimal, it’s true. Domestic’s pretty good, though.

  3. Ummm….. the link’s broken.

  4. Links still not working ? Can’t get White Night from a UK supplier, had to order from States!

  5. I got it from langtoninfo website in uk

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