Jim’s March Convention Appearances

In response to the White Night signing tour news, some folks have asked about Jim’s apperances on the East Coast. As it happens, there are two in March!
Jim’s going to be down in North Carolina next month for StellarCon: http://www.stellarcon.org/home (March 9th-11th)
… and up in New York state a few weeks later for I-CON: http://www.iconsf.org/ (March 23-25)
Make sure to keep an eye on the Jim-Butcher.Com Calendar for information about such things: https://www.jim-butcher.com/bb/index.php?action=calendar
Here’s March: https://www.jim-butcher.com/bb/index.php?action=calendar;year=2007;month=3
April: https://www.jim-butcher.com/bb/index.php?action=calendar;year=2007;month=4
May: https://www.jim-butcher.com/bb/index.php?action=calendar;year=2007;month=5

5 thoughts on “Jim’s March Convention Appearances”

  1. Does Jim have a schedule yet for anything he’s doing (readings/signings/etc.) at StellarCon? They haven’t posted anything resembling a schedule at their web site.

  2. Does Jim have any plans for attending Dragon Con again this year? Last year I went to Dragon Con SOLELY to meet Jim. In which I did and took a picture of Jim with my husband.
    This year I would love to hear more about Dresden, Codex Alera, and plans for the future.

  3. Hey there, just wondering if Jim might try and make it to Gen Con this August, I’m a regular attendee and I think it’d be the kind of place he’d be into.

  4. Is Jim planning to attend Archon in St. Louis this August? It’s this year’s NASFiC.

  5. I was wondering since Dresden is based in Chicago if Jim would be attending or doing anything in the area? I am located in Northwestern Indiana and would love the chance to meet him.

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