Dresden Files Audio Book Special Deal Coupons

Hi folks!
We’ve just learned that there are three special coupon codes you can use from now through the end of 2007 when ordering the Dresden Files audio books (and other products) from the Buzzy Multimedia store. We think you need to follow the links below to activate them, so please start with this post!
Make sure to remember the code and put it into the “coupon code” field when you check out — you won’t see the deals applied to your shopping cart until the checkout stage, after you’ve supplied the coupon codes!
BUZZY1 – Free basic (media rate) shipping on Sci-Fi & Fantasy Audio Books from BuzzyMultimedia.com! Applies to all US Orders.
BUZZY10 – Save 10% off your whole order at BuzzyMultimedia.com. Applies to both US & International orders.
BUZZY15 – Shoppers save 15% with coupon code buzzy15 at BuzzyMultimedia.com. Valid on orders $120 or more.

7 thoughts on “Dresden Files Audio Book Special Deal Coupons”

  1. Is there any news about whether or not ‘Death Masks’ will be made into an audio book yet?

  2. According to Jamesmarsters.com:
    [11-6-07] James has been contracted to read his fifth book on tape in the Dresden Files book series. Although Death Masks is the next book in sequence, he will be recording Small Favor, which is the most recent in the series and, according to the Dresden Files website, due for release April, 2008. James will be in the studio later this month to begin the project. A new publishing company, Penguin Audio, has been hired to release the book. More details to be posted when available.

  3. Thank you Jim Butcher and thank you soooo much James Marsters for reading the Dresden books! Please, Please, Please do all of the Dresden Files, your voice IS Harry Dresden’s, and BOB’s too. No one else could step in and take over for James Marsters. Even when I am reading the actual books, I still hear James’ voice in my head. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE REST OF THEM ON AUDIO! (I collect both paper and audio!)

  4. I bought the audiobook off itunes for Death Masks, but it only goes to chapter 32 and not past it. I know the book has more. What happened?

  5. I’d really love an answer to the previous entry from Trylen on November 1, 2009 08:52 PM.
    Am ready to purchase Death Masks on iTunes, but am VERY hesitant since its such a pain to get anyone to help w/ customer service in case there is a problem w/ iTunes purchases. Does anyone know if the problem has been resolved??

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