Fred Hicks will be in Oakland, CA on the 27th of October

The mighty Endgame in Oakland, California will be celebrating its sixth anniversary on Saturday, October 27th. Endgame has been very good to us at Evil Hat Productions, and for some reason, they think we’ve been very good to them.
So they’re having me out there as a guest for the big shindig on the 27th!
Folks looking to jaw about Evil Hat’s various projects, or maybe get their copies of Don’t Rest Your Head or Spirit of the Century signed, are encouraged to come on down and join in the festivities. I’m eager to get a chance to meet the West Coast crowd— y’all don’t make it over to this coast nearly enough (and vice-versa where I’m concerned).
We’ll be doing an “official” book signing around noon on Saturday the 27th, but I’m planning on being at the store for almost the entire day, possibly running a few 15-minute “convention floor” style game demos, and maybe dragging in a few other game designers from the small press scene to join in on the fun.
Folks looking for me to talk about all sorts of Jim Butcher stuff, or to do a repeat of my “Fred Hicks Spends My Money” act as heard on the Game Master Show or a general tour of Endgame’s selection of the Indie Press Revolution catalog won’t be disappointed, either. I’m happy to talk about anything, really; so drop on by and join with your friends in a tactical assault against my vocal cords.
See you at the end of the month!
— Fred