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Some folks have reported that their copies of Fool Moon are missing some text from page 101. Here’s that missing text:
“So… Marcone had a fantastic motive to have Harding killed. It broadened his financial empire, and put him in a position to gouge MacFinn for as much money as he possibly could.”
Chauncy adjusted his wire-frame spectacles. “Your reasoning would seem to be sound.”
I thumped my pencil on my notebook, staring at what I had written. “Yeah. But it doesn’t explain why everyone else got killed. Or who did it. Unless Marcone’s got s pack of werewolves in his pocket…

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  1. I had that missing in my copy. At least it wasn’t much. My copy has the title letters in boxes on the cover. Don’t know what printing it is. Still an awesome book!

  2. I just check and I had one. The book was so good I didn’t even notice it.
    At least it is this screw up is better than one of Alistair Reynolds books which is missing a chapter it goes chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 13. You have to get the newer copy to have the 12th chapter.

  3. My copy was fine. I’m a late-comer to the series, so they must have fixed it in later editions.

  4. Thanks! I just got my copy a week ago, and that empty fourth-page drove me nuts. It was obviously missing text. I couldn’t believe the copy editor didn’t catch it! Love the whole series and can hardly wait for the next installment. Long may they continue!

  5. Take them back to the store. i work at bn, and would consider it a grevious crime not to get the whole of the book, they’ll just exchange it for a good’un

  6. My copy was missing the text, I went back to B &N and all 30 of their copies had the missing text. I haven’t yet been able to get a correct copy but that’s ok since I love the book even without that little paragraph.

  7. If you want to know which printing your book is from it’s really easy to find out.
    Go to the page in the front of the book with all the legal talky on it, some where in there will be the words ‘First Printing:’ and a date. Directly underneath that will be a list of numbers, usually counting down from 10, but depending in the type of book it could be 20 or even 100. Anywho, the lowest listed number is what printing the book you hold is from. See? Easy.
    My copy of Fool Moon happens to be from the 6th printing and has all of it’s lovely, lovely text. 🙂

  8. I have the whole text in my copy, it’s my second copy of the same book. I asked the person i gave my first one to and it’s all in there too. I have a 20th of the first printing so i don’t know what happened. So no big. Looking forward to White Knight, can’t come fast enough for me!

  9. Thanks for posting the missing paragraph – it saves a lot of time and trouble for those of us who are able to access the information by computer. I am still going to notify the publisher because it means that there are books around that should have been “recalled”.
    I worked in a publishing house as well as in book retail. Book sellers would want to know in order to notify the publisher so that the next printing can be corrected. If you are missing a whole chapter, you are certainly entitled to a new and complete book! Sometimes even a single incorrect sentence can change the whole meaning of the story! (That happened to me once in a book that was used for a college text! Your grade might depend on it!)

  10. I just found the gap in my book as well – which is a 14th printing from RoC Fantasy.
    Still love it and pretty happy to find a quite long series of great books I had not read yet 🙂

  11. I got the whole set a few weeks ago. I had already read all of them (a friend of mine lent them to me, but I wanted my own). I’m reading them again & was upset about the missing text! Thank you so much for posting it here. I have copied it down in the book.
    I am eagerly awaiting White Knight to see what Jim does to Harry this time around! Jim you evil man!!! I love it! Please keep cranking out Dresden Files (I love the show too btw) & I’ll be happy!!!

  12. Keep your broken copy; it may be valuable via eBay one day…

  13. strange. i just ebayed a 1st print copy and upon seeing this, had to double-check. the text wasn’t missing from a 1st print, but from several later prints? someone in the printing press must’ve hit a delete button somewhere or something.

  14. fool moon isn’t the only book with mistakes. i have found many mistakes in #3. reading #4 right now….

  15. Oh YAY! I complained when I hit this part in the book where the text was missing. Not that it hindered my enjoying the book at all, but it’s nice to have.

  16. You know something else that is wierd about this book? My copy uses numbers for chapters (1, 2, 3, etc.) until it gets to the tenth. For chapters 10 and 11 it changes to Ten and Eleven. After that it seems to go back to numbers.

  17. I have to admit that I was very heart broken today when I had to tear the covers off of all 15 copies of Fool Moon that we had at our store and throw the books out. 🙁

  18. I ordered a copy of book 1 & 2 from barnes and noble weeks ago. Although book 2 came in, they said they were still waiting on Fool Moon. Being impatient to start reading the series, I went to a Borders to purchase book 1. Weeks later I got a call from B & N, saying that they did get their order of Fool Moon in, but it was the recalled copy. So, they had to send them all back! I’m so glad I didn’t wait around for their version. I’d still be waiting to start the series instead of sitting here enjoying Dead Beat!

  19. So happy the series is as good as the books. I was afraid it would ruin the books for me. I hate it when tv changes things so much it hardly resembles the starting point.

  20. I love the series and I love the books. Thanks to the series I found out about Dresden Files. I fill like it is Christmas. It is almost getting 2 for the price of 1. Thanks for the info on the missing paragraphs. I bought Fool Moon and White Night
    on 04/07/07 and I have a book with the missing words. I also have the Dresden Files from Itunes.
    Thank you Jim Butcher!

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