Nov 082007

Great news for audiophiles! From

James has been contracted to read his fifth book on tape in the Dresden Files book series. Although Death Masks is the next book in sequence, he will be recording Small Favor, which is the most recent in the series and, according to the Dresden Files website, due for release April, 2008. James will be in the studio later this month to begin the project. A new publishing company, Penguin Audio, has been hired to release the book. More details to be posted when available.

According to Jim, the release is scheduled to coincide with that of the US hardcover in April. In the meantime, you can purchase the first four Dresden audio books from the Store!
And now, a word from the great gals of Buzzy Multimedia, who brought us the fantastic audio books for Storm Front through Summer Knight:

Here is the update that many of you have been asking about. The next Dresden Files audio will be released by Penguin and James Marsters will still be the narrator. The book to be recorded is Small Favor and will come out simultaneously with the new print book of the same name.
Jim and Shannon Butcher have been and still are very supportive of Buzzy.
Penguin and James will continue to produce incredible work…after all look at the material they have to work with. Buzzy Multimedia is not going away. We are just regrouping and getting ready to bring even more wonderful audios your way in 2008. Stay tuned.
In the mean time please know that we will be carrying the new Penguin line of Dresden Audios as well, and you’ll find our prices and extras more than competitive with sites such as Amazon and Barnes&Noble.
Buzzy wants input from all our supporters and fans. What novels, authors, series do you love and aren’t in audio? What actors can you hear narrate them? We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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