May 062007 brings us good news about the future of The Dresden Files:

You know you are big time when you get to sell unnamed book 12 and unnamed book 13.
Jim Butcher’s DRESDEN FILES 12 and DRESDEN FILES 13, new books in the successful series, now also a television show, featuring Harry Dresden, wizard-for-hire, in Chicago, to Anne Sowards at Roc, in a significant deal, by Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Looks like we’re safe for the time being!
Jim has stated on several occasions that he is planning to write a total of about 20 Dresden Files “case books” like those we’ve read so far, then cap off the series with an Apocalyptic Trilogy. The tenth book in the series, Small Favor, is due out in Spring 2008.
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  84 Responses to “The Future of the Dresden Files”

  1. I have just bought “Changes” and being basically a cheat I read the end first, not having read the book. I am freaking out here and I’m scared to read the book! Please tell me you’re not killing off Harry – the love of my life!

  2. Mr. Butcher, first off, awesome! None stop rock your socks off action from beginning to end (literally in Molly’s case), I just finished it and 3 pages from the end I was thinking, “yes! Finally Karen and Dresden’ll be sitting in a tree,” maybe doing more than k-i-s-s-i-n-ging. Then the end happens and I thought a few bad words, in anger at knowing how impatiently I’ll have to wait for the sequel, but after a few moments a peace settled on my thoughts as I realized, “no one gets out of life alive,” just like no one gets out of a deal with Mab, unless similarly fortunate. All in all, I STILL can

  3. Bought and finished reading “Changes” in about a day and a half. God. Damned. Solid. Reading. To say the title is appropriate is an understatement. If I don’t get at the very least a 13th book in the series, I will be inconsolable. Thank you, Jim Butcher. Thank you for the Dresden Files. Thank you for the Codex Alera. Thank you for Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours. The top shelf of my bookshelf is entirely occupied by your books. I sincerley hope to devote at least another shelf to your future works.

  4. WOW!!! I finally finished Changes last night, and my poor head STILL hasn’t stopped reeling! My mom got me hooked on this series, and I couldn’t think straight until I was able to talk with her about that ending. Luckily, she had good news for me: book 13 will be out in November!
    On the one hand, Mr. Butcher, you should be ASHAMED of yourself for leaving us hanging like that! On the other hand, BLESS YOU for this roller coaster ride I’m on…and long live Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden!
    Oh, yeah, and you better bring back Mister! (damn, do you know how to write cats!)

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