Feb 062008

The next episode of The Butcher Block will feature a Q&A with a representative from the Dabel Brothers, publishers of the upcoming Dresden Files comic, and we’d like to hear from YOU!
Call 301-6377-HAT (301-637-7428). After Fred’s message plays and you get the beep, tell us your name (and/or your forum name) and where you’re calling from, then give us your questions for the Dabel crew! Alternately, you can record your question yourself (we recommend Audacity) and email the file to thebutcherblock AT gmail DOT com.
If you’d rather your question be read by Fred, you can still post questions in this thread or email them to thebutcherblock AT gmail DOT com.
Deadline for submissions is Monday, February 25th.
We invite everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to get involved and be heard on the podcast!
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