Feb 032008

It’s time to secure your copy of the first issue of the Dresden Files comic! “Welcome to the Jungle” is a four-issue prequel to Storm Front, written by Jim Butcher and illustrated by Ardian Syaf. Issue #1 is due out in April.
If you plan on buying the issue from your local comic book retailer, print out this form and bring it to them so that they can order and reserve a copy for you. The Diamond Comics Order Code is FEB083657.
Know that the BEST way to make sure these books keep coming out is to buy the single issues at your local comic shop, and pre-ordering is the best way to make sure the retailer orders the book for you. Not sure where the find a comic book retailer near you? Go to Diamond’s website and fill in your zip code.
You can also preorder the Trade Hardback containing the full four-issue prequel from Amazon.com! Published by the Dabel Brothers in partnership with Del Rey, its release date is set at October 7th.
Finally, to whet your appetite, we have a second preview page from the Dabel Brothers’ Dresden graphic novel! Click the image for a larger version.

Twisted father figures, betrayal, and damsels in distress…in a Very Special Issue of The Dresden Files. Mmm, flashbacky-licious. Discuss it here.

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