Apr 092008

The Butcher Block is back with a new style of episodes: Butcher ‘Spress, all the news you mortals need to know!
12/04: Captain’s Fury hardcover
12/26: My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon, “Heorot”
3/27: Captain’s Fury audio
4/01: Small Favor US hardcover and audio
4/03: Small Favour UK hardcover
4/16: Welcome to the Jungle, issue #1
— druiz (at) dabelbrothers.com to inquire about missing posters
Diamond’s Comic Shop Locator
5/28: Welcome to the Jungle, issue #2
6/25: Welcome to the Jungle, issue #3
7/30: Chris McGrath Cover Art Calendar
10/21: Blood Lite, “Harry’s Day Off”
10/21: Welcome to the Jungle trade hardcover
10/31: Backup
cover art
— pre-order Storm Front
11/20: Furies of Calderon, Academ’s Fury, and Cursor’s Fury on audio
11/25: Princeps’ Fury audio
12/02: Princeps’ Fury hardcover
and April 2009 (whoops! we said 2008 in the podcast!): Turn Coat hardcover
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The Music
2006 Pl@stic Soul
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