Feb 212008

As many of you have noticed, the forum is down. It should be back within the next 24 hours.
Fred explains:

My provider has decided, again, that there’s a problem with the amount of use the site sees. They’re going to be upgrading my account and (probably) moving it to a new server that gives me a bigger share of the resources. This could mean we’ll be down for around a day.

Thank you for your patience!

  45 Responses to “Forum Status”

  1. Uh- yeah… sure looks that way… it’s all the 100+ guests every hour all day long that have come to peer in our cages at the wonder that is a Butcher fan.

  2. LOL – Small Favor madness.

  3. I’ve just moved to Australia and cannot get to the forums at all from certain ISP’s. Sadly, my home ISP is not allowed in.

  4. WoW! Mickey’s post about “The World Has Ended only you don’t know it yet”… I didn’t realize he was serious! The site’s been down for almost a whole day! Anyone else going through DT’s (Dresden Tremors)?

  5. Wow. I’ve never known the site to be down this long. I hope you’ll be able to get things up and running soon. I need my fix.

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