Feb 212008

As many of you have noticed, the forum is down. It should be back within the next 24 hours.
Fred explains:

My provider has decided, again, that there’s a problem with the amount of use the site sees. They’re going to be upgrading my account and (probably) moving it to a new server that gives me a bigger share of the resources. This could mean we’ll be down for around a day.

Thank you for your patience!

  45 Responses to “Forum Status”

  1. {{{Fred}}}

  2. ~Sigh~ it’s down again… ;:(

  3. I need my JB to go with my caffeine/nicotine, please Fred?

  4. Damn I finely got the computer away from my kids.

  5. This is going to get ugly. I’m going to have to actually do work.

  6. Wha’…I dunno…*sobs* What am I going to do now? How am I supposed to make it through the work day without breaks on the forum? I’m gonna have to work all day…Oh, God! *sobs more*

  7. I am so glad its not just me again. Although I am, of course, sorry its all of you also 🙂 but at least I’m not alone. Poor Fred. He has a tiger by the tail!

  8. I feel ya, Akasha. I’m working on some billing. One of the people I was billing for is named “Priscella”. I billed it under “Priscellie”. Anyone know how long it’s due to be down?

  9. It’s back up now (at least as of 12:11) CST

  10. hands Fred a beer stein filled with triple mousie stregth coffee and a bottle of DeWars

  11. *sigh* down again for about an hour and a half now.
    Sends Fred happy thoughts and rainbows.

  12. still down, yeah this is pretty frustrating when I’m at work and I have nothing else to do 😛

  13. Poor Fred.

  14. All work and no posting makes SoR go something something…

  15. Fred, I need my morning JB?

  16. Well, it looks like the gangs all here again! 🙂 Maybe we should just start a new board right here. Anything ya’ll want to discuss?

  17. lol down again huh? i havn’t been able to see the forum since it went down over a week ago 🙁 i just thought it was down for everybody not just here in .ua

  18. ok that shoulda read .au …

  19. is it just me or are other people stil having issues accessing the forums

  20. We broke the forum again? 😉 Mona

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