Feb 212008

As many of you have noticed, the forum is down. It should be back within the next 24 hours.
Fred explains:

My provider has decided, again, that there’s a problem with the amount of use the site sees. They’re going to be upgrading my account and (probably) moving it to a new server that gives me a bigger share of the resources. This could mean we’ll be down for around a day.

Thank you for your patience!

  45 Responses to “Forum Status”

  1. whew, for a second there I thought I FINALLY did something worth banning me 😛

  2. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hell’s Bells…I thought my piece o’crap computer died…

  4. lol… i thought i got banned too

  5. You did, Paynesgrey. Iago just let it go this time. Thanks for the info, Iago.

  6. Wow! Thats a relief. I wondered if I had gotten dropped somehow.

  7. But Paynesgrey wasn’t the one who said he thought he’d gotten banned . . . guess mom’s a bit confused.
    And I just got a page saying that I can only post x amount of times in a certain time period. That’s stupid.

  8. lol i thought the site kicked me off finally for trying to incur the gov. wrath….

  9. Whew. I was scared for a minute there.

  10. We could use these postings as a thread on “our dependency on technology?”

  11. We could use these postings as a thread on “our dependency on technology?”

  12. Whew!
    For a second there I thought I might have to log off and go outside!
    Thanks for keeping the forum going!

  13. Ooof. I was afraid it was me.

  14. Ooof. I was afraid it was me.

  15. I was wonderin what the heck was goin on.

  16. not again

  17. Thanks for the heads up and the hard work you all do keeping this place running 🙂

  18. Oh my, it’s dead again. Or have I been banned?

  19. but..how..shall.I ..Live..without..my..daily..dose..of..snarkiness..

  20. Over on another site, we’re taking bets on who’s going to lose it first…. Got DT’s anyone?

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