Jun 152008

A note from Jim:

As we did last year, me and my gang of gaming friends are participating in the Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. If you’re of a mind to help support a good cause, need a tax writeoff, or are just feeling generous, feel free to drop by the link below and throw a few nickels in the kitty! The donation will applied in the name of our fundraising team, and maybe help us beat out those big corporate teams that outdid us last year. 🙂
Relay for Life Donation Page

Jim is also auctioning off a bunch of signed UK-edition Dresden books! All the money goes to the ACS, so bid generously. Unlike Madrigal Raith, they do accept PayPal!

  One Response to “Fundraising for the American Cancer Society”

  1. Just wanted to commend you for your participation in Relay. I am a devoted fan of both Dresden Files and Alera Codex, and also on the committees of 2 Relays. (I’d have donated to your team, but I already gave more than I can afford to mine.)
    Keep up the good work on both fronts.

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