May 152008

The second issue of the Dresden Files graphic novel, Welcome to the Jungle, comes out May 21st, but we have a preview for you today! Use Diamond’s Comic Shop Locator tool to find the store nearest you!
Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle #2 (of 4)
Written by Jim Butcher
Art and cover by Adrian Syaf
Inks by Rick Ketchum, Nick Nix and David Rivera
Variant Cover by Chris McGrath

Cats don’t hunt in packs… and that’s one of the reasons Dresden knows he’s up against something magical when a whole group of escaped leopards, tigers and lions attacks him. It hardly seems fair, since he’s barely started the case. But then, that’s what happens when you’re a wizard investigating the paranormal for the police, especially when you’re up against an ancient creature that is planning to become something even more terrifying than it already is…
Written exclusively for comics by Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle is a brand new story set in the world of the bestselling series of novels, The Dresden Files, that’s sure to enchant readers with a blend of gripping mystery and fantastic adventure!
On sale May 21. 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

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