Apr 232009

What an achievement! The newest volume in The Dresden Files, Turn Coat, is #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Have you read it yet? If not, grab a copy at the Jim-Butcher.com Store. Share your congratulations for Jim on the forum here.

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  1. I only started reading the series because James Marsters did such a fabulous job reading the audiobooks and after hearing the first three chapters, I HAD to read it myself. Now I hear his sweet, sexy voice in my head the entire time I’m reading. Talk about delicious icing on an absolutely fabulous cake! I intentionally tried to read this book as slowly as I could and still could only drag it out a week! What am I supposed to do with the next 11 months until the next one comes out?! I was stupid enough to let a friend start reading my old volumes and now I can’t even reread the series! Please write fast!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome book! When’s the next one!

  3. Freaking awesome, as usual. Everyone should know about the greatness of the Dresden Files. Turn Coat kept up the great pace of the series, and I can’t wait for the next one. Or the next in Codex Alera for that matter. Keep it up and so will we! =D

  4. i was looking for something to read at work being security i havent much to do at night since everythings mostly automated.
    i just have to say if they had stuck to the book the TV show would have been better. also i wonder if they would ever make the series into movies?

  5. Another great book, just as I expected. Well-paced, brilliantly executed and planned. Jim Butcher, sir, you are a WRITING GOD!! Congratulations on the #1, you definitely deserved it, even before this book. Can’t wait for the next book and the Codex Alera finale. You are the best author out there.

  6. it was seriusly awesome

  7. i’m a big fan of Glen cook and Steven Burst. Both have characters similiar to Jim’s but neither one of the writers are very prolific. I Would spend YEARS waiting for the next installments of their books to come out. When I started reading Jim butchers “Storm Front” when it first came out I had no intention of waiting around for yet ANOTHER series that I liked to let me down. So I never really looked for any of Jim’s books after readying ” Storm Front ” One day, a few years later I noticed he had a few more books out. I re-purchased ” Storm Front ” and bought Fool’s Moon and grave Peril. Since then I have never looked back. Jim’s worked has satisfied me like none of my previous favorite writers ever did. He’s hard working ,dedicated and thouroughly seems to enjoy writing the Dresden files. Thank-you Jim for all the hard work and dedication you’ve restored my faith in serial novels. -Mike-

  8. The Dresden story cannot be topped by any other.
    Mr. Butcher, your writing style is different. I dont exactly like it, but its hard not to become gripped by the plot. They have been thrills to read on the most part.
    The first book of yours i read was Dead Beat. It wasn’t too great but i tried the next one, proven guilty, which was not also not too great, but i loved the character. White Night was better!Then Small Faovr greatest thing ever! The fallen in coins, great swords, semi-gods in peoples heads, knowledge, hellfire, fairy queens, knights…..i didn’t sleep much for a couple of days. same can be said for Turn Coat.
    The only complaint i have is that i feel really perverted when reading about the vampires and can’t help but feel that your a sicko to be writing it and using it to grab the attention of audience. its pityful. Im sad that you included it. Sexual themes…they make crappy movies, they’ve ruined great movies and your books.
    In my opinion, i dont think any of you books will top Small Favor. But hey your a best selling author, what do i know.

  9. one nice thing about starting a good series late is that there are enough books already out there to keep one busy reading for a while … then you hit the end and have to start waiting. 🙁
    all i can say is that i’m shocked you haven’t hit #1 before now, especially with the extra exposure the tv series must have brought. congratulations, it is very well deserved!

  10. You did it again!!!
    My sister-in-law picked up Storm Front for me a few years ago and I have been in love ever since. I even have helped get my Niece hooked 🙂
    Great job on Turn Coat. I can’t wait to see what Harry and Molly get into next!!

  11. Just finished Turncoat….WONDERFUL! Isn’t it time for the next book?

  12. I am a fan for life, this series and the CODEX series. I look for them every 6 or 7 months. You need to start a 3rd series so that I don’t have to wait so long for a fix!! One question, why hasn’t Harry made some magical weapons or defenses for Murphy so that she can get down into the trenches more. Keep Writing and I’ll keep reading.

  13. The hits just keep on coming! Best one yet. But if you don’t start writing faster, I will need to find a 12 step program. I get the shakes waiting for the next book. Love the books but can’t watch the show after I found the books. They needed to read them!

  14. Long time fan, it’s always difficult to wait for the next book, you leave me hanging wondering what will happen next. I love Harry, Michael, Molly, Uriel, and everyone. I love the Fey, and Toot, I feel you have something in store for Toot, why else is he growing? I can’t wait for the next one, please keep them coming

  15. The #1 was well-deserved. I have eagerly awaited and then promptly devoured every Dresden file that has come in front of my eyes. Turncoat was no exception. Like one of the other posters noted, Jim Butcher has restored my faith in serial novels. I had thought the art form was dead. Thank you so much for restoring my faith, enriching my imagination, and rekindling my all too worn pathos.

  16. Reading the comments waiting for the paperback. I hate you Jim.
    Only joking, I love ya!

  17. I have quite literally read thousands of books. I can’t go into a bookstore and find a shelf in the Sci-Fi section that doesn’t have an author or book that I’ve read. The Dresden Files and the Codex Alera series are hands down my favorite series. When you’re many, many books in, and I’m still buying hardbacks… That’s awesome. I’m thrilled to read all the positive comments on this page. Incredible work Jim. You’re da man.

  18. Another awesome Dresden book. I have been reading Sci Fi since the 70’s, and NO ONE can turn a phrase like Jim Butcher. He is like the Shakespeare of Fantasy/Sci Fi. There are other Dresden clones out there, and some are not bad, but no one holds a candle to the original.
    It is tough to wait for the next novel, but good writing is not fast food, though Harry Dresden might disagree!

  19. I’ll be honest. I was unaware if the Dresden Files until it was introduced to me through the shortlived Scifi channel TV show. I loved the idea of a professional wizard/noir detective story. I wisely picked up the first three books in the series and became completely hooked. The world Jim has has created and populated with such great characters is amazing. The show did it little justice.
    PS Harry needs to break down and bestow Murph with Fidelacchius already.

  20. Congrats! It’s well deserved. I love the series, and it’s about time it received some recognition.

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