Nov 172010

The explosive final issue (#8 of 8) of the graphic novel adaptation of Storm Front hits comics stores today! Check out a five-page preview at Dynamite’s website.

Adapted by Mark Powers
Cover by Ardian Syaf
Pencils by Brett Booth
Battered and beaten, Harry Dresden faces his final showdown with the Shadow Killer. With his own life on the line can Harry possibly stop him in time? The Dresden Files: Storm Front reaches a shattering climax loaded with all of Jim Butcher’s trademark mix of magic, mystery and adventure!
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This also marks our last issue illustrated by Brett Booth, who took over for Ardian when the title transitioned to Dynamite Entertainment. Thanks for a fantastic finale, Brett! Now, we’re pleased to welcome Chase Conley to the team as the penciller/inker for Dynamite’s upcoming adaptation of Fool Moon.
If you want a hint of what Chase’s take on Dresden will look like, you can check out his audition pieces in his blog: Harry, Murphy, and Thomas, and two sample pages from Fool Moon.

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