Nov 292010

Subterranean Press has made the following announcement:

First, we should let you know that we’re down to the last twenty copies of Jim Butcher’s Grave Peril, the third entry in our Signed Limited Editions of the Dresden Files. We have the next three books, Summer Knight, Death Mask, and Blood Rites, under contract, as well as Side Jobs, his short story collection.
We’re now accepting preorders for both Summer Knight (projected to ship this Spring) and the short story collection, Sides Jobs (slated for the Fall). If you order both now, this week only, we’re offering $50 off the regular price of $150 for the two volumes.
Summer Knight has been fully proofread, and sent out to be illustrated by Vincent Chong. In fact, it’s next up on his to do list. The signature pages are being printed, and will be sent in the next two weeks to Jim Butcher to fit into his schedule. For Side Jobs, we’re commissioning Vincent to provide an illustration for each story, including the ultra-rare novelette, “Backup”, and the brand new 80 page novella, “Aftermath.” Both of these volumes will be printed on 80# Finch paper, with designs that complement earlier entries in the series.

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