The Dresden Files Role-Playing Game Preorder Goes Live

The preorder for the pen and paper Dresden Files Roleplaying Game from Evil Hat Productions ( is now open!

You can learn more about the particulars of the preorder — and place your early order for both books in the set, including getting access to the almost-complete PDFs right away — at the Evil Hat Productions web store:

Free shipping is available in the USA to people who place a preorder for both books, and the final PDFs will be made available to preordering customers once they are available (which should include the addition of a short story by Jim, still getting written as we speak)! The books will ship out in late June/early July.

Fans of the series may be particularly interested in the second book, which among other things provides a comprehensive character guide up through Small Favor. A handy reference to have on hand as you read through Changes!

You can learn more about the game at — make sure to check out the “Nevermore” post for a peek at what a Dresden-ized version of Baltimore looks like.

Thanks everyone!

The Jim-Butcher.Com Team

7 thoughts on “The Dresden Files Role-Playing Game Preorder Goes Live”

  1. I am interested in playing this game, although I am curious anyone know what you can play? AKA are we just wizards of the white council or can people make exceptional mortals (Murphy and Micheal) or other things?
    Thanks for the info.

  2. asking for them to be preordered for my birthday no way ill have $90 by then

  3. DaimonRH: it’s a very flexible set of rulese that covers pretty much every supernatural critter that you can come across, althoug the default rules are mostly for vanilla mortals, magic users of various kinds, changelings, people of faith and the white court.

  4. im quite confused is this game on computer or xbox or somthing or is a type of book?

  5. It’s a pen & paper role-playing game (where the term originated before it was co-opted by video games), like Dungeons & Dragons, only very different systematically from D&D. 🙂

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