Coming April: Fool Moon!

Edit: Don’t worry, this was an April Fool’s Day joke! Hope you had a delightfully surreal day. šŸ˜€

We’d hoped this morning to announce the release date for issue 1 of JIM BUTCHER’S THE DRESDEN FILES: FOOL MOON,” which was initially slated for April 6th, 2011. However, we have an even more exciting announcement! Dynamite Entertainment has made the radical decision to STOP THE PRESSES, because FOOL MOON is getting a facelift! In fact, the entire issue is being redrawn!

Many readers complained that they had difficulty recognizing Harry without his trademark hat, so fans can expect to see him wearing it in every frame. Lieutenant Murphy will be made Latina, Susan Rodriguez will be a blonde, and Bob will be a ghost, to reflect the wildly popular Dresden Files TV show. To avoid confusion, the Blue Beetle will actually be blue! And to appeal to a wider demographic, Harry will investigate occult crimes in Chicago with the help of his street-wise, talking tomcat sidekick, Mister.

Furthermore, the book’s focus on werewolves left some readers wondering where all the vampires were. The script is therefore being revised to bring in fan-favorite Thomas Raith, who will be printed with a revolutionary color-shifting iridescent ink for a truly dazzling “sparkle” effect. Young werewolf Billy Borden will be depicted similarly muscular and shirtless. Who will Tera West choose?

Look for FOOL MOON, issue 1, on April 25th, 2012!

Also, don’t miss the highly anticipated Dresden Files spinoff, Li’l Harry Adventuresā„¢. Teach your kids how to “spell” with these delightful stories, in which our plucky 8-year-old hero solves mysteries at the orphanage and learns about the true meaning of friendship!

Issue 1: Who Stole Stevie’s Lucky Socks? (coming 6/13/2012)
Issue 2: The Mystery of the Haunted Broom Closet (11/7/2012)
Issue 3: Li’l Harry vs. the Monster Under the Bed (2/27/2013)
Issue 4: Even Sasquatch Loves Broccoli! (7/30/2014)

Li’l Harry Adventuresā„¢ is available only through participating McDonalds locations, with the purchase of 1 or more Pepsi products.

We can’t wait to share these thrilling new projects with you. We think all readers, old and new, will agree that these changes are worth getting excited about! Preview pages for both series will soon be available to fans by registering and referring friends to our upcoming Facebook Dresden Files Browser Campaign.

Have a great April!

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