Mar 012011

To celebrate the release of Changes in paperback, Penguin has a treat for us! On their website, they’ve posted chapter one of Ghost Story, the much-anticipated thirteenth novel in The Dresden Files.

You can also download Ghost Story desktop wallpaper, featuring cover art by Chris McGrath:


In the month leading up to the July 26th release, we’ll have even more Ghost Story goodies for you, here at In all, we’ll be posting five sample chapters, plus bonus audio of Jim reading the first four chapters at the NY Comic Con Fan Dinner! (NOTE: You should definitely read the text version before listening to Jim read! He was reading from an earlier draft, and some aspects have changed.) It will be posted on the following schedule:

June 21st: Chapter 2
June 28th: Chapter 3
July 5th: Chapter 4, plus the audio for 1 and 2.
July 12th: Chapter 5, plus the audio for 3 and 4.
July 26th: Release day!

Hope you’re as excited as we are! Buy Changes or pre-order Ghost Story (or catch up on the previous novels in the series) through the store!

Discuss this chapter on the forum here. Be wary of spoilers for this chapter in the comments!

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  1. […] also wanted to remind you that more cool stuff is headed your way soon! The second of five Ghost Story sample chapters will be posted June 21st. Also, Ellen Datlow’s The Naked City anthology, which contains Jim […]

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