Jul 052011

Our Ghost Story preview continues with Chapter 4! And as an added bonus, you can now watch Jim reading chapters 1 and 2 at last October’s NY Comic Con Fan Dinner!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2, part 1
Chapter 2, part 2

Missed previous weeks’ posts? Catch up here:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

We’ll be posting 5 chapters in all over the coming weeks, plus video of Jim reading chapters 1 through 4.

You can pre-order Ghost Story from our store or through the Virtual Signing, which also offers signed copies of Changes, Side Jobs, and The Dresden Files RPG. All Virtual Signing pre-orders must be placed by July 19th.

Also, today marks the release of Ellen Datlow’s The Naked City anthology, featuring Jim’s short story “Curses.” Check it out!

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