Apr 012012

Edit: Just kidding! Hope you had a fun and safe April Fool’s Day!

Back in December, Jim talked about two new series he was auditioning, a high fantasy saga and a steampunk series. However, there was a third simmering on the back burner, and it’s since shoved its way to the fore. We can now announce Jim’s next series: A paranormal romance series, starring Bigfoot!

“The plan was to start writing Cold Days early this year,” Butcher explains, “but as I was finishing the trio of Bigfoot shorts, in which Bigfoot is Harry’s client, I realized there was so much more in his world I wanted to write. It really consumed my brain. The betas are eating it up, so I’m hoping the fans dig it, too.”

Jim credits his wife Shannon, author of over a dozen romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels, with the inspiration for his new direction. “Bigfoot is basically just an alpha male, exaggerated: Big, strong, hairy, and isn’t much for ballet. Makes him a good candidate for romance. :)”

While this new series takes place in the same universe as The Dresden Files, it will focus on entirely new characters. However, be on the lookout for the occasional familiar face!

Look for Great North Passion in stores October 2nd, 2012. Its sequel, Land of the Midnight Desire is expected in Fall 2013.

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