Attention DFRPG Nerds: Want your stats for Harry in the Paranet Papers?

This is a repost of the Dresden Files RPG: Paranet Papers statblocking contest from here. Still plenty of time to enter before the end of the month!

You know how it is. You’re talking with your nerdy friends over a beverage of choice. You’re about to game or you just finished gaming. Dice are out; pizza’s almost gone. Then, cutting into a brief silence, someone says it:

“Well, clearly, Harry would have 26 refresh by now.”

And that is so wrong, right? I mean, we don’t have to assume that every novel is a major turning point for his character sheet. In fact, you could argue that he spends three whole books at relatively the same level of power and…

…and then it’s on. The geekiest of geeky conversations: how do we stat up a character that everyone knows and loves? It is the greatest crucible in licensed RPGs, because it reveals the very heart of fandom, and everyone’s got a different take.

Today, we offer you a chance to show us the heart of your fandom.

Your task: A statblock for Harry Dresden–as he appears at the beginning of Changes–for the award-winning Dresden Files Roleplaying Game.

The prize: A copy of Dresden Files RPG Vol. 3: The Paranet Papers, where the statblock is going to be published, credit in the book, and eternal bragging rights. (approximate retail value $35)

How this is going to work:

* You make a statblock for Harry Dresden and post it somewhere on the Internet. Your blog, tumblr, the official forums, some other forum, whatever – get it out there. Include a link to this post with your submission so people don’t think you’ve completely lost it.

* Fill out this form with a link to your statblock, so we can broadcast your submission to the world.

* A team of system heads and Dresden Files loremongers, led by Leonard Balsera, will evaluate the entries and choose the winner.

* Your name and statblock ends up in a book and you look awesome.

The criteria:

Compatibility. The statblocks need generally to look like and work with all existing rules in the Dresden Files RPG. Format them like they appear in the rulebooks. That said, if you need to invent a power or something to make it work, do so and include the power writeup with your submission.

System Accuracy. Have the right number of aspects, make sure all the math works out, etc. Also, where necessary, show your work – tell us how you arrived at a particular set of bonuses and whatnot.

Setting Knowledge. Harry’s been through a lot since we statted him up for Storm Front. Your statblock represents the definitive picture of that character at the beginning of Changes, and your design choices should reflect your knowledge of what has happened to the character. (Yes, that means you’re responsible for including all of Harry’s amassed magical gear.)

The fine print:

* You have from now till 5/31/2013 to get submissions in.

* Your submission will go through the standard editing and development process that we do to ourselves, which means it might not appear exactly as you wrote it, even if you win.

* If taking pieces-parts of multiple submissions seems to be the best way to get at the statblock, there may be multiple winners.

* No one currently working on a project for Evil Hat Productions, Dresden Files or otherwise, can submit to this contest.

* You may submit as a team. If you know a lot about the Dresden Files setting, but aren’t as game-savvy, and you want to hook up with someone who is, go for it!

* The winning entry will become the sole property of Evil Hat. All other entries will remain the sole property of their creator.

Submit entries here!