Apr 292014

Chapter 2 of Skin Game is up! Read it here, then check out Jim’s recent interview on New Orleans’ “Week in Geek” radio show!

Also, we’re positively chuffed to announce that Jim will be crossing the pond for next year’s Eastercon in London Heathrow! Dysprosium: Eastercon 2015 will be held 3-6 April 2015 at The Park Inn, London Heathrow, UK. Get the details on the forum. Jolly good!

Missed chapter 1 of Skin Game? Read it here. Subsequent chapters will be posted along the following schedule:
4/22: Chapter 1
4/29: Chapter 2
5/06: Chapter 3
5/13: Chapter 4
5/15: Booktalk Nation event
5/16: Reddit AMA
5/20: Chapter 5
5/27: Skin Game arrives!

Preorder Skin Game in hardcover, kindle, or audiobook format through our store, or participate on one of our virtual signings!

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