Art Awards and Pensacon Panels

This week’s Dresden Drop includes videos from Pensacon, the results of the fanart contest, the launch of the Blood Rites read-along, and a new giveaway from Penguin Random House!

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Pensacon Panel Videos

We’re back from Pensacon! Thanks for the warm welcome and the southern hospitality. Check out the videos of Jim’s two panels here:

Apologies for having to go handheld! I brought my tripod to the panel room, but I accidentally left the cell phone adapter in my suitcase. D’oh. XD

Fanart Contest Results

We have our winners!  Thanks to all the incredible artists who entered. We’ll be reaching out to the grand prize winner and runners up for their shipping information and prize preference this week.

The grand prize goes to David Vargo, who submitted two breathtaking pieces: one of Harry and Lash and the other of Harry and Mab.  His dreamlike compositions and vivid colors capture an eerie energy, perfect for the series. Marvel at more of his work at! David’s prize includes an ARC of Peace Talks and a Mika Kuloda print, both signed by Jim.

Our three runners-up will each win a Mika Kuloda print, signed by Jim. Check out their portfolios!

Will Hindmarch

Team Dresden by Will Hindmarch
Team Dresden by Will Hindmarch

TL Steinbroner

TL Steinbroner
TL Steinbroner

And Anie Miles

We were completely blown away at the caliber of submissions, so our field of Honorable Mentions is pretty vast. Give some love to JaverusArt, Bernard Castro, Danielle Camorlinga, Elizabeth Rogers-Buls, Christian Thor Lally (more of his Dresden pieces here!), Adam Montis, Rick Goodvin, and Vicki Verona!

Also, we wanted to give some Honorable Mention recognition to Pika-la-Cynique, who gives Harry frequent cameos in her long-running crossover webcomic Girls Next Door. Too fun!

Thanks again to all who submitted. We had so much fun reviewing your work. We’re in awe of the talent in this fandom!

Blood Rites Read-Along

The Goodreads Read-Along continues with Blood Rites. Join the spoiler-friendly or spoiler-free discussions!

March Giveaway

Penguin Random House’s March giveaway is a copy of Welcome to the Jungle, the graphic novel written by Jim Butcher and illustrated by Ardian Syaf. Enter for your chance to win one of five! Open to U.S. residents ages 18 and older.

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