Mar 202012

Evil Hat, the game publisher behind the Dresden Files RPG, is running a kickstarter campaign to “kick off” their push into doing tie-in fiction with their other game lines. The first is a trilogy set in their Spirit of the Century pulp universe. Check out the kickstarter video here:

You can learn more — and hopefully contribute! — at:

Also, the second sample chapter for Dinocalypse Now just went up:

You can find others at the same blog, and more info at:

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Aug 032011

Patrick Rothfuss interviews Jim Butcher (there are some Changes spoilers at least):

Jim Butcher interviews Patrick Rothfuss:

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Aug 012011

We got our information about the Tyson’s Corner signing third-hand, and unfortunately the info suffered from a bit of a “game of telephone” effect. What we posted earlier was not accurate. Here’s a direct quote from Barnes & Noble as to the rules for the Tyson’s Corner, VA signing today:

All customers must have a receipt for Ghost Story from any Barnes & Noble or and they are welcome to have any of Jim’s other titles autographed.  As the guidelines have been communicated for almost two months now to many, many customers, our team will continue to relay the original message to callers (we are only a three days out from the event now), but we will most certainly take care any of those attendees who bring additional backlist. 

The main change here is that your receipt must be for Ghost Story from any B&N store (online or physical). You’re welcome to bring your back-list Jim Butcher titles (including the Dresden Files RPG — Fred Hicks will be there as well) to be signed alongside.

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Jul 292011

There’s been some confusion about the rules as laid down by Barnes & Noble for Jim’s signing tour. Turns out the confusion is because there are different rules for each location! We just got the update from Jim’s publicity team, who are fresh to this discovery as well (too late to give the word about the Atlanta signing — our apologies).

Here’s what we know about this coming week:

8/1, McLean, VA at Tyson’s Corner: A recent B&N receipt for any of Jim Butcher’s books is required to join the signing line. Passes handed out at 5pm.

8/2, NYC, NY at Tribeca: The first 200 customers to buy GHOST STORY at the store get guaranteed seating, all others are standing room. Passes handed out at 10am.

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Apr 272011

The Dresden Files RPG crew have released a new, completely free, one-shot adventure available for you (following in the footsteps of Neutral Grounds)!

The old Cranston house had stood unoccupied for as long as anyone could remember. Few spoke of why. After a while, everything just passed into rumor, and now nobody knows the truth for sure.

But they do know one thing: it’s one hell of a spooky house. If you can make it through the whole night in the Cranston house, you’ll be legendary back at school, kings and queens of the hallways.

So, anybody up for a dare? Come on, we can do it. It’ll be a scream.

Night Fears is a Dresden Files RPG casefile, a one-shot mystery-adventure intended for 3-7 characters at the “Feet in the Water” power level. Customizable, pregenerated characters, a mix of mortals and minor talents, are provided with sheets and power details.

You can run it as a “who will survive?” horror thriller, or as a deeper supernatural mystery. Or integrate it into your own game, and use it as a starting point for your characters — or as trigger-story about the kids who went into the house and never came out again.

Together with a copy of The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story, Night Fears is perfect for a “test drive” at home, or for a convention GM looking for a print-and-play scenario.

Download it free from DriveThruRPG today!

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