Chicago (Skokie) Signing Canceled

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Nov 302012

Jim’s recovering from that bout of food poisoning stomach virus, but he’s worn out and laid low — in no shape for making tonight’s Chicago-area signing, alas. We’ll post about any rescheduling information for both Kansas City and Chicago when it’s possible to know such things. Our psychics are on the fritz, and unable to predict the future just yet!

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Kansas City Signing (Nov 29) Cancelled

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Nov 292012

Sorry for the last-minute notice folks — tonight’s signing in Kansas City has been canceled due to an unfortunate bout of food poisoning for our favorite author. We both trust he’ll get better, and trust that folks will understand that severe nausea doesn’t make for a good signing experience for anyone. Get well soon, Jim!

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Evil Hat to Publish Fiction

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Mar 202012

Evil Hat, the game publisher behind the Dresden Files RPG, is running a kickstarter campaign to “kick off” their push into doing tie-in fiction with their other game lines. The first is a trilogy set in their Spirit of the Century pulp universe. Check out the kickstarter video here:

You can learn more — and hopefully contribute! — at:

Also, the second sample chapter for Dinocalypse Now just went up:

You can find others at the same blog, and more info at:

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Patrick Rothfuss & Jim Butcher

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Aug 032011

Patrick Rothfuss interviews Jim Butcher (there are some Changes spoilers at least):

Jim Butcher interviews Patrick Rothfuss:

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