Ghoul, Goblin: Issue 4 is Here!

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May 162013


Issue #4 of the original Dresden Files graphic novel, GHOUL GOBLIN, came out last week.

A small, isolated Midwestern town is being terrorized by a pair of the Nevernever’s most vile creatures, who’vemanaged to decimate the star-crossed Talbot family. Harry’s sworn to protect the survivors and end the curse—something that can only be accomplished if he can convince them to take refuge in what amounts to a supernatural fortress. And if the ancient guardian spirit he’s summoned doesn’t kill him first…and if the local cops don’t toss him into a jail cell…

JIM BUTCHER’S DRESDEN FILES: GHOUL GOBLIN #4 (OF 6) •  Written by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers • Art by Joseph Cooper • Cover by Ardian Syaf

Available now at Comixology and comic stores everywhere!

Check out our preview, below.

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Dresden Dice Announced & RPG debuts on Kindle and Nook

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Apr 232013

The folks over at Evil Hat Productions, publishers of the award-winning Dresden Files Roleplaying Game, are running a Kickstarter campaign to produce a line of “Fate Dice” (also known as Fudge Dice) for use with the Dresden Files RPG as well as other games using the Fate system. And just last night, they announced the addition of a Dresden Files themed Winter Knight dice set! We’re sharing an image of the four sets they’ve announced so far at the bottom of this post, and you can learn more at the project page.

But that’s not all that’s coming out from the guys at Evil Hat. They’ve just released the Kindle (.mobi) and Nook (.epub) friendly formats of the Dresden Files RPG as well, and at a low price too so you can get a copy that works on your tablet-of-choice. You can pick both volumes in ebook formats at their web-store, on DriveThruRPG, at Amazon, or at Barnes & Noble.

Good gaming, folks!

Early Batch


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Some Upcoming Convention Appearances

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Mar 012013

We are pleased to announce that Jim Butcher will be the special VIP guest at the upcoming Wyrd Con 4 Convention in Southern California on September 12th – 15th 2013! Wyrd Con is a storytelling convention focused on the many levels of interaction including story development, Transmedia, and live action adventures. You can learn more about Wyrd Con at

Wyrd Con will also be hosting a Kickstarter campaign to help strengthen the convention and make it bigger, and brighter than ever. For a chance to play an event with Jim, or have dinner with him check out the Kickstarter here, and grab a badge to Wyrd Con!

Other convention appearances coming this year include:

April 5th-7th: Ad Astra (Toronto) Ad Astra is a literary fan-run convention, promoting local talent within the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal, for all media of the written word. Our weekend includes panels on a variety of topics including writing, publishing, media, creative works, comics, costuming and steampunk, as well as many events including Masquerade, writer workshops, and book launches. Complementing our programming, Ad Astra also has a dealer area, featuring many vendors, writers, exhibitors, artists and artisans and an Art Show and auction.

May 24th-27th: MisCon (Missoula, Montana) MisCon is a four-day celebration of literacy and the arts within the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Held each Memorial Day weekend (Friday through Monday), MisCon has something to fascinate, educate, and entertain you at all times.

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Will Evil Hat Accelerate the Dresden Files in 2014? That’s Up To You!

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Jan 222013

Big news for RPG fans (and folks interested in trying it out) on the Fate Core kickstarter today: if the Fate Core kickstarter campaign makes it up to $400,000 in the next week, they will produce a lightweight, streamlined “Fate Accelerated” Dresden Files role-playing game aimed at making it easier than ever to game in the world of the Dresden Files.

Check out their big announcement here.

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‘Ghoul Goblin’ Dresden Files Comic and Fate Core Kickstarter

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Jan 152013

Two quick bites of news from the Jim-Sphere today, folks!

First up: a new Dresden Files comic book series has started just this past week — Ghoul Goblin #1 is on sale now! Here’s the skinny:

“GHOUL GOBLIN is an original comic series set in the official Dresden Files continuity! Harry Dresden has survived the events of Fool Moon– barely– but all is not well in his world. He’s still alienated from his closest friend, Karrin Murphy, and on exceedingly poor terms with Chicago’s number one gangster, John Marcone. And that’s just the small stuff– the creatures of the Nevernever don’t take vacations and aren’t particularly worried about Harry’s friendships or love life.  DOWNLOAD GHOUL GOBLIN #1 NOW AT COMIXOLOGY OR GO TO YOUR LOCAL COMICS SHOP TODAY!”

And secondly, Evil Hat Productions, the publishers of the Dresden Files Role-Playing Game, are having a run-away blow-out success with their Kickstarter campaign for the next evolution of the Fate system. If you’re of a gamerish bent, check out the Fate Core kickstarter today — it ends on the 29th.

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