Academ’s Fury – Extended Preview

Jim-Butcher.Com will be running an extended preview of the next Codex Alera book, Academ’s Fury, over the next five weeks. Every Tuesday, we’ll be posting a new chapter or two from the book on this page until early April, at which point you’ll have a full seven chapters (plus a Prologue) in your hot sweaty digital hands!
Our schedule at this time is:
Today – The Prologue
March 15th – Chapters 1 & 2
March 22nd – Chapters 3 & 4
March 29th – Chapters 5 & 6
April 5th – Chapter 7
Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Academ’s Fury – Extended Preview”

  1. I believe the word you Merkin chaps use for this kind of thing is “bitching”. Assuming that this means “very good indeed” I would tend to concur.

  2. Jim, could you post those chapters quicker? What I’ve read so far is fantastic and I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  3. I’m loving it, though I noticed that the twins look down at the bully after he is dragged away. Otherwise it’s great. 🙂

  4. The first one was a great book and this one looks like it is only geting better. I really enjoyed the first two chapters. Thanks.
    The Deposed King

  5. Its not fair to release them in peicemeal, all it does it whet my appetite, and make me more impatient for the final release.
    But I guess I need to wait until July…

  6. Looks good. Only one more month to wait… thats wat i get for reading the first one in one night..

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