ButcherCon 2006 – Chicago – Registration is open! Sign up for announcements!

From Karen Junker:

ButcherCon is pleased to announce we have our website up (thanks, Fred!) at www.ButcherCon.com and you can now register for the event or find out more about the program and guests. If you are interested in attending and are able to make a commitment, please register today — every early registration helps us make the con everything it needs to be.
We also have a yahoo group (check it out!) — you can sign up by sending an email to ButcherCon-subscribe@yahoogroups.com — for anyone who wants to get an update on developments as they happen! We will be adding more speakers, gamers and special events, so be sure to sign up if you want to be on the cutting edge of ButcherCon news!