Dresden TV – New Casting Choices

Robert Hewitt Wolfe has gotten permission to disclose the casting on the TV show — check out his post here:

22 thoughts on “Dresden TV – New Casting Choices”

  1. I’m kinda irked by the fact that they changed Karrin’s name to Connie for the tv show. Every time I watch, I have a feeling that’s going to bioher me. Now this could just be me being nit-picky…But Hey, thats how I feel. Anybody else on my side?

  2. 1. I hate that they changed Murphy’s name
    2. Murphy is suppose to be a short, blonde, with blue eyes not a Cuban women
    3. Dresden’s car will be a jeep, not a VW Beetle
    4. Paul Blackthorne does not fit the descriptions of Harry in the books
    5. Harry will also have a Hockey stick – COME ON
    Butcher puts a lot of time into describing his charactors and Beetle so it sure would be nice if they used his descriptions.
    I’ll still give it a shot. But why can’t Hollywood get anything right?

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