Dresden TV – New Casting Choices

Robert Hewitt Wolfe has gotten permission to disclose the casting on the TV show — check out his post here:

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  1. Ancient Mai – Elizabeth Thai
    Kirmani – Raoul Bhaneja
    who? I don’t remember them from storm front.

  2. Ancient Mai is from Summer Knight — she’s a member of the Senior Council of the White Council. It’s a “bit part” in the books, so clearly they’re expanding, altering (and adding) her role for the movie.
    Kirimani is, I believe, an Asian-ified Carmichael.
    Not too surprised by this — Hollywood likes more ethnic diversity than the books themselves sometimes present.

  3. Hmm… lots of actors I’ve never seen. Doesn’t make me any less eager to see it, though.
    Gah! So much entertainment to look forward to in the next six months. What’s a girl to do? ;o)

  4. Still trying to work out which “Joanne Kelly” this is, since there are a couple of entries on IMDb with that spelling or similar. I’m going with the exact match for now, but it would be nice to get confirmation. I’ve registered at the “Ex Isle” forum, but their confirmation process is a bit glacial 🙁

  5. So who plays Michael?
    Personally, I think that plays Dr. House on “House” could make an interesting voice for Bob.

  6. Was a little disappointed about whos playing Morgan. I’m sure Conrad Coates is a great actor, but I just didn’t picture Morgan like that.

  7. After looking at all of this, all I’m doing right now is crossing everything that can be crossed and praying to whatever Powers that Sci-Fi doesn’t foul this up beyond all recognition like their other TV movies (“Chupacabra: Dark Seas”, “Manticore”, “Sabretooth”, to name a few of the stinkers they’ve come up with).

  8. Based on dailies so far, I think you guys are going to be pretty happy with the casting. But the proof is in the pudding, so you’ll be able to judge for yourselves eventually.

  9. i like the cast exept for morgan. i always pictured him a lot bigger. and not in a purple striped suit. thought he was more of an all black type. in fact, in storm front it says he has a black duster almost identical to harry’s (minus the mantle)

  10. With that casting they might as well switch Susan and Murphy’s names, too. Oi. The poor actresses will have to work double time to be convincing to the fans in those roles…

  11. to be honest i think that harry is better off in books they wont be able to get it right they’ll probably turn him into some sort of bruce willis action hero thing.

  12. I started reading this series, while i was in Iraq, and I absolutely love the books. Jim Butcher, created a wonderful set of stories, and they were a welcome escape.When I heard they were making a series, a was really excited. After reading which actors, are playing which role, I’m not too optimistic. I think they had a golden opportunity, to make a great series, and now they’re going to blow it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though.

  13. I got into Jim’s books because I’m a huge fan of “Buffy” and esp James Marsters. Funny thing is, I have yet to get the audio versions, but am well into reading “Fool Moon” and have “Grave Peril” waiting on the nightstand. Thanks for creating such a wonderful world, Jim! It’s a pleasure to immerse myself in it for a few hours a day. Being from Oak Park, I may even go home next year for your convention – any chance James might come? 😉
    Anyhoo…here’s hoping the casting works out with the movie. Have to admit, not too happy about the change in Murphy (I’ve sort of been picturing her as Elizabeth Rohm from “Angel” and “Law and Order”), but will certainly give the chosen actress a shot.
    Any news yet on the voice of Bob?

  14. I am soooo excited about this series and or movie.
    I did have a thought though, since James Marsters is not playing Harry, what about the voice of Bob, he would be really great in that role. Throw in a little smart alec Spike and round it out with a know it all skull, too perfect

  15. Has anyone thought about Marsters as lets say…Thomas? I know he’s done the Vampire bit with Spike and all…but i can’t think of anyone better to play Harry’s Smart-ass oversexed vampire half-brother…Just a thought

  16. I completely agree with wanting to have James Marsters be the Voice of Bob. I had the same thought after I found out he wasn’t cast as Harry. Hearing James’ performance as Bob is the number one thing that I look forward to while listening to the audio books. It always puts a smile on my face. No one could do a better job as the voice of Bob. If they chose anyone besides James it just wouldn’t be the same.

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