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Word from Jim:
“Just thought I’d let you guys know that the first run of Dead Beat sold dry in three days. They’re sending the book back to the press for another run, which is fairly unusual for hardbacks, according to my editor. Neat stuff!”
“15k on the first run. New copies can come out anywhere from a week to a month later. Note that there are still copies available, but they’re all in the pipeline from distributors to stores, and the orders to restock ate up the tiny surplus copies. If they handle it right, there shouldn’t be a problem with actually acquiring the book from the bookstore-customer standpoint.”

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  1. Hey Just Wanted to say that I loved Dead Beat. I can’t wait for the next book to come. I would like to know more about Bob’s past in realation to Mab and why he is so afraid of her, it could be a intresting part of the plot when Harry is doing another job for the winter queen. Later

  2. Wow Jim, these are great books. It is a wonderful feeling after 23 years to finally have a favorite author. I love these books! I was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party when Dead Beat came out and I could not WAIT to get home and read it. I was even checking bookstores in the casinos and airport, hoping I might find it.
    Hopefully, the SciFi channel deal will come through, I think these would work great on t.v.
    Keep the books coming!

  3. Sooo glad I preordered this! I’m overseas atm and the base bookstore doesn’t even carry your books! (I harrassed some poor sales woman for 15 minutes about it till my husband dragged me away apologizing)
    This installment was great and I’ve been spreading the word to all my bookish (and nonbookish) friends and family. Even got my “I only read nonfiction” father to read it since he’s from Chicago. I think he’ll be getting his own copies soon! Can’t wait for more installments!

  4. I just picked this up today. Had to go to 3 bookstores to find it.

  5. I read Dead Beat in 1 night ( after I`ve heard Grave Pewril and rfe4-read every other dresden book. actually they are getting better and better and I really can`t wait for the next ones (books and audiobooks).
    Thanks Jim ! And please more butters !
    Karin from Dresden in Germany

  6. First off I do love these books and have got many others to read and love them too. But instead of just saying that Dead Beat was awesome like the trend appears to be I would like to say that I didn’t like it as well as others in the series. I felt like a lot of it was recapped and characters appeared just for the sake of appearing. I also felt that the story lagged in many spots. This is not to say that there weren’t some really good parts. I truly enjoyed Harry becoming a warden and his dealings with Lasciel, and when he dealt with Mavra at the end I actually cheered. More Mouse and Michael, less Thomas. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading and recommending to others. thanks.

  7. LOVED…LOVED Deadbeat!!! Do I HAVE to wait a year for the next one??? Would love to see what would happen if Murphy met Bob!!?? Can’t wait for the next Dresden!

  8. Great read, but of course I wasn’t expecting anything less than that. This new book had me chuckling once again, and that’s what keeps bringing me back again and again.

  9. I loved this book(Loved all the other Dresden Files books too.), favorite thing was zombie dinosaur. I can’t wait for the next book/

  10. I picked up this series on a whim and a prayer. Am I ever glad I took the chance! I enjoyed the series so much I’m making my husband read them. It’s really funny to hear him laugh out loud at the same parts I did. Now we use “Harry-isms” for everything….computer not working? There must be a wizard around! Thanks, Jim, for putting the time and effort into creating an original and entertaining series. You are a true artist!

  11. Way to go Jim. It’s an excellent book and even though I’m only on Chapter 12 it’s fast becoming a favorite. I know fans that missed the first run and were shut out and are now waiting for the second run. Tell the publishers to hurry.

  12. Really enjoyed this book Jim. Admittedly there were parts that slowed the pace down a bit, overall it is another great book in a great series! I started out as many, buying the audio cd of Storm Front to listen to James Marsters. After listening to Fool Moon, I couldn’t wait anymore to find out what happens and bought the remaining books in the series. I read 4 books in 6 days! These are characters that really take hold and force you to care about (After Dead Beat I was so ticked off at Harry and Murphy’s continued denial I started cleaning out my closet to calm my temper).
    Great work Jim and good luck with the SciFi deal!

  13. I love the Dresden Files, except I live in Guam at the moment, and haven’t been able to find “Dead Beat” anywhere. Not even on the Navy Base that is here. I also really enjoyed the new series….can’t wait for “Academ’s Furey” to come out. I’m not much of a reader, so it says alot. When I read anything from Jim Butcher, I can’t put the book down. Can’t wait to read Dead Beat when I can find it.

  14. I work at a bookstore and I think now everyone but one person who works there has read or is reading the Dresden Files! Needless to say we recomend the books to a lot of people. Dead Beat was great, the best yet in my opinion. Keep up the writing and we will all keep up the reading and recomending!

  15. A paperback version would be most appreciated, otherwise it’s off to the Library I go.

  16. Just finished Dead Beat and all I can say its brillant and well worth the few extra days it took to reach British shores!
    Harry D. rocks:)

  17. Dead Beat is another spectacular instalment! Thank you Jim, for hours of entertainment. I am hooked on the lives and experiences of Harry, and his friends. But I must say, Karrin and Kincaid? ARRRGH! Nooooo! Other than that, loved this, and I can’t wait for the next one.

  18. This book is great!! I had it preordered so got my copy on the day it came out but I confess to putting off reading it but only because I didnt want to have to wait a year for the next book, but I couldnt do it I just had to read it. It took me 1 day to read it, it was so good. Was a little gutted there wasnt more of Jonhny Marcone I love when him and Harry team up!
    Please can we have some serious red court vampire ass kicking in the next book!!

  19. Had to let you know I have lured another to the ‘Butcher’ side. I gave a copy of Storm Front to my co-worker who is a HUGE Scifi-Fantasy-Horror fan. This guy spends hundreds of dollars every month ordering these books on the internet. He knows good stuff when he reads it. He told me he started reading it yesterday afternoon and told me to bring the next one in for him tomorrow because he will be done by tonight!
    Go Jim!!

  20. Finished Deadt beat in record time…and it was a great read..Loved the Necro T-rex very original I love the way Harry runs in the grey areas of magical “rules”
    One minor issue though when the Necros and zomibes where about to take over the house Harry leaves two really important things behind…Shiro’s sword…imagine what the necro would do if he go hold of that, and MISTER….you would think Harry would have remembered to grab his CAT on the way out as well! I mean I know Mister can take care of Himself but still….that was alot of zombies!
    Nelson Rodriguez
    VP Paradigm Concepts

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