Announcing: The Butcher Block, a new Jim-Focused Podcast!

Fred Hicks has started a new podcast called “The Butcher Block”:
… it’s going to be a show all about things Jim Butcher, as well as things Jim’s fans might find cool. Since Fred is one of the authors working on the Dresden Files RPG, you can expect some RPG tidbits will get spilled there in the coming months, as well as chat about the upcoming Dresden Files TV series on the Sci Fi channel.
This first episode runs just six minutes long. Subscribe and give it a listen!

2 thoughts on “Announcing: The Butcher Block, a new Jim-Focused Podcast!”

  1. I love your writing and can’t wait to see the Dresden files on TV. When is the next book due out? Each book is better and better.

  2. For all Uk fans of Harry,The Dresden Files begins next Wednesday(14th Feb) at 8.00pm on Sky One.
    Trying really hard not to listen to all the negativity I have read about it.Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as everyone is saying!!

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