11 thoughts on “Jim Butcher interviewed about the Dresden Files TV Show on the latest Butcher Block”

  1. AHHH! I don’t get scifi where I live! Any one know if Dresden will be on itunes? I’ve been in LOVE with Dresden since day one!
    Anyway I moved to China this past summer and there is no way Harry will be on tv here anytime soon 🙁 so if anyone knows if there is a possibility Dresden will hit Itunes would someone let me know? B/c that would be great! thanks.

  2. I know this starts in the US Sci-Fi channel soon but has anyone got any Idea when this will be shown on the UK Sci-Fi channel?

  3. I have read all of your Dresden File books. I just got Proven Guilty. I want to ask you why did you change Bob? He does not look like Dresden from the books. I hope the show gets better.

  4. I wish Bob was Like The one In the books, an over sexed ghost, and where’s Mister the cat..and will Micheal show up in the show. Harry doesn’t have his long coat, and where’s the bug he drives.

  5. Jac and Katie,
    SKY 1 have picked up Dresden Files for the UK, starts next week. Katie, you may get SKY 1 off a satellite there, esp as the channel is owned by Newscorp (ie Rupert Murdoch) and may be shown in OZ as well.

  6. The show’s been on SciFi channel here for a few weeks. As above stated, there are some differences in character looks, probably from casting decisions, as well as other things like the jeep vs. bug. I’m curious to what extent Jim is involved in each episode’s script writing/review.
    All in all, my wife and I are really enjoying the television show adaptation!

  7. Mr. Butcher,
    My fiancee and I absolutlely love both of your book series, but were pretty disappointed with the TV series so far. There is just too much departure from the characters and fixtures that we have all grown to love through the novels. The show is really good, but only if a person has not read the books. Sorry this is somewhat negative, but you seem to appreciate honesty. Sincerely,
    Keith A.

  8. I got interested in SciFI through a very intelligent SciFi junkie, and I learned a few things. Dresden in the books would never have doors to his apartment like on TV. Exactly what Bob is was never explained on TV. He’s too corporeal. I like the idea of him having a “host” much better. I like character development which the show lacks. Without going on and on, I can enjoy both books and TV show if I treat them as separate entities, quite easy as the show doesn’t try to reproduce book plots.

  9. AMAZON.COM has the first season available for 27.99 to be shipped august 7,2007 yeah!!!!!!

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