11 thoughts on “Jim’s Calendar Gets a Face-Lift”

  1. This guy is amazing. I’m not one to normally post on websites, although just finishing Cursor’s Fury, I felt compelled to. Any author can throw epic battles and dramatic scenes at you.. Butcher is the one of the few authors i’ve read to utterly enthrall you with his character developement. Hooked me with Dresden, and kept up your quota with the Codex Alera. Well done Jim.. keep up the good work.

  2. I pray that your codex books make it to the big screen. You are a true force in the realm of fantasy writers. Not since Margaret and Tracy’s DragonLance saga have I been so enthralled in a series. Thank You for keeping me up late into the night with books that won’t let you put them down.

  3. Also just finished Cursor’s Fury, reading it almost straight through. Codex Alera has been awesome, but please hurry…I WANT ANOTHER ONE!!!

  4. Just finished Cursor’s Fury myself. Hope the next in Codex Alera comes out soon. The amount of planning and foresight that seems to go into the series is absolutely mind-blowing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer myself, but I’ve been stuck in a glacier of writer’s block for.. Well, er, a long time. In any case, before I make a comment that is a full page in length, I wanted to remark about how ensnaring the last few pages of Cursor’s Fury were. Way to make me not want to read anything else but your books, Jim. Geeze.. That said, don’t ever stop. Keep up the marvelous work.

  5. can anyone tell me when The Dresden Files will be coming to the UK, will it be on sifi or sky one.

  6. Finished the Cursor’s Fury and it had me on my feet the entire time. Kind of sad that I can’t go out and buy the fourth book. Great job, please hurry with the fourth book can’t wait!

  7. Ok i finished cursors fury a little over a week ago. I had to read one of my old books set in an old world war to ease down from it. i have to say im completely addicted i cant stop thinking about it. When you have to read another book just to keep from going crazy the author is pretty darn good. I am waiting very patiently for the next one. :]

  8. The Codex Alera books are worth rereading–immediately. Several times. Haven’t found any other books to say that about lately except Harry Potter and Sarah Gruen’s Riding Lessons and Flying Changes.
    I’m glad I logged onto website or would have no clue the Dresden Files were going to TV. I’ve read them, and will watch the show. But (given 4 years of Latin in High School) the Alera books just do something more for me. It seems obvious that the Alera books are more movie-worthy. The role of Fidelias seems written for the actor who did Chauvelin in the remake of the Scarlet Pimpernel. The characters of Tavi, Max, Fidelias, Isana, and even Gaius are just riveting and deserve really good acting to do them justice.
    So many fantasy books out there that just can’t hold my interest, but this series catches fire (pun intended). Other writers have done vampires, werewolves, faeries, and dragons. Only Jim Butcher has done FURIES! Kudos!
    One critique: If Hornblower books are right, it takes only a few minutes to burn and sink a wooden ship. So how can Canim fleet burn for over 4 hours????? More like 5. Dicey timing, there. Would love to read Jim B defending long-burning ships? Could there be a reason? Different physical laws on Carna? Ships not wooden? Ritualists could only burn one at a time? Can’t think of any really good excuse for this glitch. MM

  9. As much as I want Captain’s Fury to be as well written as possible…I really want it!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t be an evil author like Robert Jordan, have pity on us poor addicted readers (patience is a chore).

  10. Just finished the third book in the Codex Alera series ‘Cursor’s Fury’. Fantastic stuff. I am a voracious reader so any book I finish that leaves me panting, literally, for more is quite a feat. Jim – my hat (if I wore one) off to you…I cannot WAIT for book four!!

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