Sci Fi’s Dresden Files TV page got a massive update

The Sci Fi Dresden Files TV page got a massive update. Now we’ve got multiple wallpapers, promotional and production stills, and more.

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  1. i liked the show even though its not exactly like the books , if you keep them in perspective its still a good show…
    It’s on in canada on Sunday at 9pm on space

  2. I thought the show was lame. Harry hardly preformed any majic, and they changed the who;e charector of Murphy. And u,unless I am Mistaken, Wasent that Harry’s Uncle that got into the Limo at the end of the first show?

  3. Episode Two and the show continues to disappoint. Again, I’m not bummed about the change in characters and personalities. It’s just that there doesn’t seem to BE any characters or personalities. The plots seem like something out of a lame episode of Angel, and the humor is SOOOO yesterday’s jokes. C’mon people, we expect just a BIT more thought put into this.

  4. Come on people give the show a chance, its only been 2 episodes, although it is quite different from the books which is a given since pretty much every show thats based on a book is, and just give the show a chance to find its feet, it usual takes a show like this a few episodes to find the direction to head in, at least give it to episode 6 to trash it,

  5. The is real weak, you SCI-FI channel a good thing. Nothing is right about the show. Bob’s is a image that has a accent. Where is his cat? His appartment is too open. The ward on his door is nothing like the book. Your books are very good, but this show is weak. Please do not tell me you sold out and SCI-FI channel miss up The Dresden Files.

  6. Read all the books, watched first show won’t
    watch any more. Books are great show is barely watchable. I wonder if anyone at scifi even read the books. Not enough time or space to list all thats done wrong

  7. i saw a commercial for the TV show, and i liked it, and i just found out there were books. i’ll have to read those and get back to you. i know that the show will stink next to the books, but they always do! i’ll still watch the show tho

  8. I’ve read all the Dresden Files books and was a little iffy after watching the first show, but after the third episode on SciFi with the werewolves -sweeeeeeeeeet!! Sure, TV execs are more than likely not gonna stick with the books, and some of the changes are a little frustrating, but there are other interpretations that I found pretty cool – drum stick idae as a blasting rod was pretty neat. Although I do miss the leather duster and his wizard staff as a hockey stick I wasn’t sure about at first, but if you think about it, and if the writers are inventive, you could have a great fight scene where Dresden beats the snot out of a vampire or bad guy and check said bad guy into the wall hockey-style and give a little Dresden quip… that would actually be kinda cool. I totally enjoy both the books and the show and can’t wait to see another episode. Hopefully, once it gathers a following, then maybe they can do more special effects and get a chance to follow a little closer to the books. Either way, keep up the great work Jim!! Hope to see the Alphas again some time soon!

  9. Having just saw the first episode in the uk I was dissapointed but not enough to make me not give it a chance and watch a few more. The books are amazingly well written and so great. I am hoping that as it was for tv the changes are for a good reason. I also feel it was a bit disjointed due to ad breaks (or cuts) remember how badly cut Angel was? I have high hopes that as it gets off the ground it will get better, Buffy was very, very cheesy in the first season with the effects and music etc but got better and better so even though we are all huge,huge fans of the books maybe we should give it a chance as if not then they might pull the plug and then we’ll all be upset. A movie would be awsome as bigger budget would be good , fingers crossed…..who knows.

  10. I like the show. I love the books and read them all over and over again. While the show does not follow the books that well I think it gets better every week. We should give it a chance. Anyway Books are ALWAYS better than TV.

  11. I purchased and read all of “The Dresden Files” books. I loved them all. I also like the TV series, only not as much as I do the books. One big question: Will Michael Carpenter be brought into the TV series. Next to Harry himself – he is the most exciting character in the series. I may be a showing a little favoritism here. I am a Knight also. Not a pretend Knight – a real Knight. So, come on….get Sir Michael into the series.

  12. Alas, I feel like I owe Mr. Butcher an apology. Mr. Butcher, Jim if you won’t object to such a stranger using such a familiar word, I love your writing. A friend of mine turned me on to you as an author a little over a year ago, and I have purchased every book in the Dresden and Aleran series, and I will continue to do so.
    But I can no longer stand to watch the drek that they have made the series into. After last evening’s…episode, I am simply done. The absolute absence of the entirety of the rules that the Dresden-verse, as I have heard it called here, has reached my limit of acceptable and surpassed it. I thank you for submitting your series to television, and I am sorry that they have ruined it so thoroughly.
    I look forward to White Night, and I hope you will come out to California at some point for a book signing, as I would very much enjoy the opportunity to speak with you… but I am done with the television series.
    It is not worth the time of my life it takes to watch an episode.

  13. Dear Mr. Butcher.
    I am sorry to write that the series is as others have said terrible. What induced you or them to hash the story up so badly?. There is more ads than story and the story is so badly hased the one can no longer understand what the story is nor recognise the characters.This may destroy your stories and I will no longer see them on the TV. Please continue to write so we at least can enjoy the books. Do some thing about this terrible TV series.

  14. Mr. Butcher, I haven’t read your books, but this series has inspired me to look for them and purchase them. I think SciFi has made this a really interesting show, and I can’t wait for more each week. I’m really sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what the books are like, because everyone knows the old line that “books are always better than the show.”
    What I want to know is this: Where’s episode six? I’ve set the DVR to record every episode, I know I haven’t missed one, but they’ve skipped from episode five to episode seven. What’s the deal?
    Thank you,

  15. Hi Mr. Butcher. About a month ago I ran across an add for White Knight in upcoming books in the Borders News Letter. The description of the book caught my attention and I had to look through the whole store before I realized you were in the Sci Fi section! But I found you and I ended up buying all 8 paper backs in one month! I’m totally addicted. You are a very talented writer and I hope you continue for many many years with Harry and his friends.
    I don’t have cable but I was able to view two episodes that are availabe on the Sci Fi Channel web site. And I can see where most of the fans who are anti the tv show have a point. But one thing one must remember about novels brought to TV is they are never as great as the books. But I do enjoy the show very much. Where I do understand that the SciFi channel doesn’t have a huge budget for all the special affects, I do wish they had been a bit truer to the charachters physical attributes in casting the cast.
    Murphys is the blonde and Sunsan is the brunette .
    One other small pet peeve would be that I wish they would not try to use the books as a episodes. There is just no way you can tell the story in an one hour episode. Take the episode Storm Front. They chopped the book to bits and ended up with a totally different story that was very loosely based on the book.
    They need to stick with showing us what Harry does in between books. The books are months or even years apart, so I’m sure there are a lot of interesting cases Harry has that would be fun to know about! Save the books for feature films.
    I think its really one of the best shows on TV at the moment. But I love the books. Looking forward to reading White Knight in April!

  16. Hi, Mr. Butcher,
    I started watching the TV series and reading the books at just about the same time — I was given one of the books, and got upgraded cable in the same week. I can honestly say I’m completely enjoying Harry’s adventures in both mediums (media?). The changes that, I am sure, have been made of necessity from the books are regrettable, but I do love some of the differences, like the hockey stick and Bob as a ghost rather than just a spirit (inspired casting with Terrence Mann, by the way) I’m having a wonderful time, and thank you for creating a great new universe for me to explore.

  17. I saw the show first and really liked it, then found the books and really liked them. Personally, I have no problem with someone’s hair color or the type of car. I like the way they are handling Bob and think the show has a sense of humor and fantasy that is very appealing.
    I would like to see some Red Court / White Council stuff, maybe with a Dresden – Ortega duel. This might give the episodes a some ongoing storylines that would help keep fan interest alive. Oh yeah, I would really like to see the duster…Damn, the duster is cool.

  18. Dear Mr. Butcher, i have read all the books except Small Favor. i think that you truly are the best SFandF writer in the world. i’m a bit dissapointed in the TV series, like no duster, but overall, it’s pretty good. I hope that you continue writing about Dresden[which is a cool name] and his friends.

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