Been wondering what Cursor’s Fury is about?

Wonder no more! We’ve finally put together an information page for Cursor’s Fury, the third book in the Codex Alera:
Read about it here.
[Webmaster’s note: Mea culpa! I thought I’d handled this a while back, and it turns out it fell through the cracks. Apologies!]
We’ll be doing a preview of the first five chapters (six, if you count the prologue) through the remainder of September and throughout October. Stay tuned for more details once we get that started!

5 thoughts on “Been wondering what Cursor’s Fury is about?”

  1. Ahh that sounds so awesome, I can’t wait to get that book in my greedy little hands!

  2. FINALLY> I can’t wait…need to go read the first 2 again. December seems so far away. Can’t wait to read some of my favorite fantasy fiction ever!

  3. All I can say is: It’s about time the previews came out!!!! I need to fast forward life three and a half months. Not only will it be the end of semester but I’ll get a Jim Butcher fix to tide me over until the Dresden Files TV series comes out in January!

  4. Jim Butcher; class act, prodigious author, no resting on laurels, actually writes and not just talks about it. Thank you from often other abused (ie “the devil jordan, the imp martin”), fans. yes! yes! yes! And this doesn’t even thouch on the current 21st century use of web and book chapter previews. yes, ad infinitum.

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