White Night – Cover Art and Preorder

White Night is the title of the ninth (holy moley, NINE BOOKS!) book in the Dresden Files series. It’s going to be released in April 2007. It’s already up for preorders on Amazon and other places, and, boy, this one’s going to be a doozy, folks.
We’ll get details up about the book as soon as we know what we can put onto the site. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, join us as we drool on a larger peek at the cover art and decorate your computer with some White Night themed wallpaper.

29 thoughts on “White Night – Cover Art and Preorder”

  1. Don’t forget the other great mystery of Proven Guilty…. The Dog! what the hell is that dog?
    The senior white court vamps at SplatterCon!!! looked at Mouse and said “Thats not a dog!” with fear in their eyes.
    The dog is intelligent, and senses evil.
    I think the dog fixed Dresden’s model.
    It knows the wards, it knew about the model, …

  2. i first saw stormfront in a little display stand, in the back of a Barnes and Noble sci-fi section, with the seven other Dresden books about two weeks ago… now i have caught up with everyone else, I CANT WAIT!!! and to answer the first post the dog is a “spiritly-inclined” little (well… i mean big) guy, remember he found it for the Chinese monk ;)… btw the cover art is pretty sweet…

  3. Saw a review in Entertainment Weekly raving about an author name of Jim Butcher who had written a book about a wizard named Harry! This was last fall. Got the first three as a Christmas gift for my husband, he read them, I read them, my adult son read them, sent them to my daughter and son-in-law – they read them and wanted more. Proceeded to buy every new one we could find at that point. Pre-ordered Proven Guilty, waited ravenously for it to arrive. What a great series, I totally agree with the Weekly, Harry Potter for grownups!! Looking forward to the SciFi version of the series on TV, please don’t let them destroy the essence of it.

  4. i dout that it will be in this book but i want to see hairy go over to the dark side, i mean really go over to the darkside. i know he’s not that kind of person right? not yet, but in the prosess of doing the right thing he takes one little step closer every book. i want to see what the step is this time.

  5. OOOO OOO OOOO!!!!
    THANK YOU JIM!!!! hopefully i will be able to wait for the next one before my heart explodes with excitement.
    the sci fi series will keep me sustained i hope…sort of like nicorette gum.
    and i will just have to re read the series.
    oh and im scared to see harry go to the dark side…scared…but i think he has more than enough support to pull him back though….AAAAHHHH!!!!
    ok im done…..done….yup….

  6. When will you be (or will you be?) releasing your original books in hard cover? Laurell did it, I expect you will too.
    I know I’d like to purchase them all in hardcover.

  7. Hmm, ya know, I dunno if he meant it that way, but I always thought Jim was hinting at possibly God fixing the problem with Little Chicago ya know? Meh thats just my opinoin ^^

  8. ok so far a couple people have commented on wether or not mabs crazys maybe she is maybe not but what im more interested in is why harrys fairy god mother seems so crazy.also theres some very importain peice of info that hairy dosnt know yet. theres some reson other than the odveous that mab wants him so bad

  9. Singer George Michael lends the piano on which John Lennon wrote Imagine to an anti-war exhibition…

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